Joan Pope


I’ve been collecting your books for years now and have filled my bookcase to overflowing and enjoying each and every book; sometimes reading them over again when I begin to miss the various characters…right now I’m back into the Huxtable series where I first began reading your most delightful novels…my first book purchase was at the Barnes & Noble bookstore here in Boise; my home is in its suburb of Eagle, Idaho. The novel which caught my eye was “A Secret Affair”…and the story-line was so captivating that I couldn’t wait to read on to the other novels in the Huxtable collection… Having finished all the current and past books over and over again, I’ve gone back now to the beginning once more and now am engrossed once more with the story of Margaret Huxtable and Duncan Pennethorne…even knowing of the book’s conclusion doesn’t diminish the great enjoyment of a story well written…and, Mary, you are the very best writer of your and any other of my reading generations. I can’t wait for whatever comes next from your tremendous talent…incidentally, I’m into my 86th year and when reading your works, I’m then transported into the ages of those characters and their subsequent lives…it’s quite a wonderful way to spend my pre-existing condition…which if known is actually called “elderly”… love and joy to you Mary and all the best to you and yours for the oncoming years as you devotedly continue your calling. I anxiously await your next endeavor…
Most sincerely,
Joan Roberts Pope
Eagle, Idaho

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