Jennifer Faith


Ms. Balogh,
You are my favorite living author. Not to flatter myself, but your writing feels like it is from my own mind. I read your books in almost half the time I read others. Your stories are always engaging, never repetitive, and, somehow, your syntax and writing style is the perfect fit for my brain to process. Thank you for crafting these delightful stories for your readers.

I’ve just finished “Always Remember”, and I loved the story. I was, however, surprised to find two uses of God’s name adjoined with a curse. I have not noticed this in previous books that you have written. Would you consider not using that wordage in future books? I recognize that not all people have the same belief system, but it relatively easy to respect things that are sacred to others. I would never consider framing “Allah” or another name sacred to a religious group as a curse. Seeing that word in your book is like seeing a Miss America contestant on stage smacking on bubblegum. It is jarring and takes away from the beauty. Your stories are too good to include unnecessary disrespectful language.

Again, I thank you for the stories you craft and share. You bring much joy to your readers.

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