Jean Brushfield


Mary, I really enjoy reading your books, and the crossover of some of your characters between the different series.

Like you, I am a great fan of the English author Georgette Heyer, and particularly of her book “Frederica” – I always enjoy anything about early inventions!

I became an “Accidental Author”, as you will be able to see from my web page –

Having unintentionally written a “best seller” myself based on Jane Austen’s P&P, I wonder whether anyone has ever suggested to you that they could write “missing chapters” for any of your novels, such as Slightly Scandalous or Simply Perfect?

Some authors are now adding Epilogues to some of their books, which I suppose are missing chapters in a way; or, a different approach, a Novella as a prequel to a book already published.

Or do you hate the thought of that type of idea?

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