Jane Axelrod


I have just finished the fourth in the Westcott series and enjoyed it very much! I was pleased to see That is not the end of the series.
I love your characters who have now become like very good friends whose lives I watch with great interest.
Your books are so well written, not just fluff, but with substantial situations and delving into thoughts and feelings in a way that is very real and makes your people live on the page. It is also wonderful to see a happy endings! I am so tired of books that leave one up in the air or miserable! Having read your bio on your website, I can readily see where the depth of character sense of humor and descriptions in your novels came from. From the photos and descriptions it looks like you have a lovely caring close family. While I would love to say I hope you write forever( unrealistic), I hope you write for a very long time!
Thanks for giving so much pleasure!
All the best

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