Ingrid Wurzer


I’ve been looking forward to Someone to Cherish for months now and of course I’ve finished reading the book in one go only so that I can reread it in a more leisurly way again. It’s all I’ve hoped for and more, a heartwarming story of two wounded people who learn to trust their feelings and each other and thus come into their own. What delights me even more is the fact that I can follow the lives of all the other characters of the series, the way they grow and flourish! Seeing Winifred turn into a lovely young woman who knows her mind makes me glad that you decided to give her her own story. And when at the ball Lydia’s father was standing next to Louise, the Dowager Duchess of Netherby I thought they might make an interesting couple. Well, I’ll see. Right now I’m content to enjoy Someone to Cherish and several of my other favourites -again – and are looking forward to Estelle’s story with the dark and dour Earl of Brandon – I’m sure theirs will be a riveting story as well. Thank you once again for the many many enjoyable hours you’ve given me with your books and please, please keep on writing!
Deeply grateful,
your avid reader Ingrid

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