Heather Gunnyon


Having found you through the excellent writing in your series novels, I am now reading the ebook versions of your earlier stand-alone novels.

In the front of these ebooks there is a piece written by you describing the re-issue of earlier stories in ebook versions and inviting readers to compare your earlier stories with your more recent writing. So I did.

I love the fact that in all of your novels you teach a life lesson to a character that readers can absorb to modify their own lives.

Your character’s psychological situations are such that they can be related into the reader’s own life.

I am sad that they are shorter novels, but realize having to write two to three books a year must necessitate shorter stories.

I am disappointed that the stand-alone stories end at a point of heightened emotions and cut off so abruptly.

I had hoped for a dénouement and epilogue, to tie up the loose ends. Leaving at least two (so far as I have read)heroines pregnant and not following up the delivery and sex of the child, and if there were later siblings in the happy ever after left me feeling cut off from the story completely. Abandoned mid stride so to speak.

Any chance for epilogues on the next re-issues?

Thank you

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