Gloria Chmilar


Hello Mary, I hope you are well and enjoying the beginning of the Summer Solstice. We have received timely moisture as there was the threat of drought. I am currently re-reading “A Christmas Bride” and I was pleasantly shocked to discover Lady Helena Stapleton was Gerald Stapleton’s evil step-mother. I had not realized this until today. “The Precious Pearl” is one of favourite books and I now understand why Gerald was such an untrusting fellow. I absolutely enjoy when you feature characters in other books, the stories are real and it amazes me when fate intervenes, such as the fate of Lady Muir in “The Proposal”. The Duke of Bedwyn helped Hugo out of a sticky situation. I look forward in buying the next instalment of the Westcott series and I keep looking for your older books to add to my collection. I believe in fate, how small encounters shape our lives and destiny! Please keep writing your wonderful books and may God keep you well!

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