Gloria Chmilar


Hello Mary, I hope you are well and coping with the heat wave we are experiencing across Western Canada. I recently read your newest book, “Someone to Cherish”, which features Harry Westcott and his soon to be spouse, Lydia Tavernor. What started as an innocent walk home turns into a lifetime commitment, again showing how fate plays a definite role in our lives. It was worth the wait to see what happened to Harry after losing his title due to the negligence of his father, further compounded by Harry’s brush with death in the Battle of Waterloo. Harry’s final acceptance of the changes in his life is an example for us all, to change his dreams and feel empathy for others, not an easy feat! This was an excellent read, same caliber of writing, I cried at Harry’s wedding like many of his family members did as I feel I am part of this family if only from the outside. Well done Mary, it is another successful depiction of love in the Regency period! Cheers, Gloria

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