Gloria Chmilar


Hello Mary, I hope you are well and enjoying the coming of spring to the Prairies as we really don’t live that far from each other in Canada. I was wondering if you had any thoughts about the recent infamous info-commercial interview between the Sussex’s and Oprah Winfrey. As an avid Royalist and proud citizen of a Commonwealth country, I am shocked and saddened by this disgusting insult to the Royal Family, especially Her Majesty, who has worked tirelessly for Britain and the Commonwealth. As you write primarily about the Ton and aristocracy, although it was awhile ago, you may have insight into this situation as history tends to repeat itself. I have been watching Lady Colin Campbell on her YouTube channel and she is both informative and entertaining as well. I recently purchased the “Captured Hearts” book at a second hand store which featured your story “Precious Rogue” and thoroughly enjoyed it. Stay well and stay safe, your loyal reader and friend, Gloria

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