Gloria Chmilar


Hello Mary, I had to rush out and buy your latest in the Westcott book series, ” Someone to Honor”. As usual, it was fabulous! Once again fate has brought two injured souls together and Gil achieves his dream of home and family. He certainly gets more than he bargained when he married Abby but that’s what you get when you marry into the Westcott tribe. I truly believe in fate as this is how it happens in real life, when you least expect it our soul mate enters our life. Something triggered Gil and Abby to reach out and the connection was made. I am looking forward in reading Matilda and Charles story in November and I hope Harry’s story is in the works. Your stories inspire me and I thank you Mary, for your compassion and belief in the human spirit to overcome almost all obstacles. It is actually love that heals all things, and time.

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