Gloria C


Hello Mary, I hope you are well. I recently mailed three of your books to my best friend Bonnie in Kelowna, The Proposal, Someone to Love and Someone to Hold. I purchased these books from various second hand stores and can you imagine the postage was more expensive than the books themselves? Absolutely! None the less, The Proposal was the first Mary Balogh book I read and it will remain my favourite. Over Christmas, I re-read several of your books and every time I do this, I find interesting items I missed the first time I read them. Some people would find this tedious but it is like chatting with you, Mary, as I feel your philosophy and wisdom in all the books I have had the pleasure to read. The Survivor Series inspired me to make new dreams after some of my original dreams were shattered, just as many of the survivors of the horrific Napoleonic wars made the best of their torn lives. The saying there is nothing new under the sun does apply to all your books, as you remind us of life’s tragedy but in it’s face the will to move on. Once again I applaud you for reminding all of us that our lives can change in the blink of an eye, but if we chose gratitude instead of bitterness, we will have hope. My sincere thanks to you for writing about real people in real situations not unlike our own lives today. Cheers! Gloria

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