Gilli Conway


When the world is in turmoil and the news is always awful there is great comfort to be had from your books. I have just finished Someone Perfect which I loved and I may just have to re-read the series again from the beginning until Bertrand finds his soul mate! I have also read many of your other series of books and really enjoyed them as well.
So “Thank You”. You are one of my favorite Regency authors.
As you will see we live just over the border from Wales in a very old listed house, pre-Regency period. Our hamlet is very like the villages in your books, the same families have lived here for centuries. One of the houses nearest to us is called Hammerhill as it was the site of the blacksmith years ago and our lane was originally the old drovers road.
We will be bringing in the holly, ivy, yew and other greenery [no mistletoe as a puppy in the house] from around the fields soon for Christmas to decorate the beams as always though the birds have eaten the berries on the holly already a sign of a hard winter they say, going to carols with friends and neighbours in our old local church which will be freezing cold and I just hope it doesn’t rain as the roof leaks!, sitting around the log fire opening presents with the family and dogs and eating our Christmas turkey, pudding, mince pies etc. I feel thankful.
I wish you,your family and other readers a very Happy Christmas.

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