George Skokan


I had thought the Westcott series was unbeatable, but the Ravenswood series has more. “Remember Me” is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read (I rank it close to “The Wind In The Willows”) and to me seems to be summed up in the comment that Lady Philippa makes to the Duke and Duchess of Wilby: “I have come to realize that having to endure loss is an unavoidable part of living.” My favorite female characters in various books are Lady Helena Stapleton, Miss Wren Heyden, Lady Jessica Archer, Lady Stephanie Ware, and Lady Jennifer Arden. They have had to work through or are working through pain and sadness. “Always Remember” suggests that Lady Stephanie and Lord Bertrand Lamarr are destined to become a couple. Lord Lamarr is approximately 20, and in “Someone Perfect” he is 25 and still unmarried. Will they become a couple after 5 years? I am worried for them. In the Ravenswood series I love the Welsh ladies’ names.

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