Estelle Rempe


Dear Mrs. Balogh,

Thank you so very much for sharing your imagination and writing gifts with us!! I love how your weave your stories. The first book that I ever read of yours was The Ideal Wife. I was hooked!

I am so enchanted with your newest series, the Westcotts. I would also love to know the stories of Marcel’s children, Charles’ second son (I see Estelle and Adrian together…???), Louise (love that you feature older ladies: Viola, Matilda and the promise of Louise ~ we have love in our hearts too!!), and his Grace’s long suffering secretary!! Avery Archer, Duke of Netherby, is among my favorite of your gentlemen; he keeps good company with Wulfric Bedwyn, Duke of Bewcastle; Adam Kent, Duke of Ridgeway; Luke Kendrick, Duke of Harndon; Elliott Wallace, Duke of Moreland, Flavian Arnott, Viscount Ponsonby; Lord Edmund Waite; Edward Ailsbury, the Earl of Heyward; Lord Ferdinand Dudley; Kit Butler, Viscount Ravensberg; Lord Aidan Bedwyn; and Constantine Huxtable, Earl of Ainsley. There are more but this is getting embarrassing!! I was charmed by your “Beta Male” as Sir Gerald was described. You paired him with the perfect lady, the Honorable Priscilla Wentworth.

There are so many of your leading ladies that I cannot even begin to list my top favorites except to definitely include Anna Snow, Duchess of Netherby, Angeline Dudley, the Countess of Heyward, Christine Bedwyn, Duchess of Bewcastle, Lauren Butler, Viscountess of Ravensberg, and Elizabeth Handrich, Lady Hodges. (And I must add Cora Kneller, Lady Kneller ~ she is too too fun!).

Thank you, again, for your wonderful story-telling. Picking up one of your books is a delightful transport. You nudge at some conventions and challenge the reader at times to truly test first impressions!! Many of your heroines have caused me to look at myself with a critical eye, in the very best spirit. Your stories even help illuminate current day marriages ~ we can always grow in our relationships to make them truly joyful.

Peace and joy in your writing for it shines through to us readers!
Estelle in St. Louis, Missouri

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