Emily X-R


I read Someone to Wed about two and a half years ago now, but I was thinking about it today and wanted to let you know. I was born with a large, very dark birthmark on my nose, but got it removed when I was fourteen and thought I had gotten comfortable with it (and the remaining scar) in the interim. I am married, I have not had trouble with love, and I did not think it would be a very emotional experience to read about a woman with a similar facial blemish being found worthy of love, but it was. When I was in middle school, my pediatrician saw my mark and brought her young daughter, who had a port wine stain like Wren’s, in to meet me, I guess to show her that girls like us could grow up and be happy and well-adjusted. Reading about Wren felt a little like how I imagine that little girl must have felt about me – irrelevant, separate, and yet, deeply moving and hopeful.

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