Em Mueller


I think I discovered your books about the same time you started publishing! I love them all and though I give most books I buy to a woman’s prison, I keep all of your books. Now I’m buying them again to have on Kindle, because I reread them all over and over. Just finished the Slightly series . . . for the 6th time! I love to read them all in a row, from A Summer to Remember to Wulfric’s story. When I’ve finished, which takes about 5 days, I feel like I’ve just come back from a Fabulous vacation in England! Thank you thank you thank you for your gifts. I’m wondering if there is somewhere written down a chart or graph of the people. They seem to appear and reappear in various books and I’m always thinking “I know that man”, “I know that woman from . . . ???” I’d love to see that. And it always amazes me that each time I read them they feel fresh and new; and I’m always wondering how you can make each character so different from the others! Bravo, Ms. Balogh. I’m so glad I found you. You’ve brightened my life.

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