Elizabeth Grant


Dear Mary,
I have to confess that I have never read any of your books, although being a Georgette Heyer fan, I am frequently told by robots and real people alike that I would love them. No doubt I would – and no doubt I would not be able to stop reading them once I’d started. With writing of my own to do, I am being firmly abstemious.
Isn’t it ironic, then, that checking up on a phrase for my present work in progress brought me to your website? My heroine clasped her hands to her bosom, and all at once I was assailed by doubt. To her bosom? In front of her bosom? Under her bosom? So I entered the phrase into a search engine, as one does, and ended up reading the excerpt from “Only Enchanting”.
Ooh, I like this. Let’s look at another excerpt. And another. What does the “About” section have to say? Hey, there’s a guest book!
This is a lovely website, Mary, so friendly and welcoming that I thought I’d share the funny little twist in today’s research, hoping that you will find it amusing, too. One day, hopefully, I will have enough mental discipline to be able to treat myself to one of your books occasionally without fearing a fit of binge reading.
Best wishes, Elsie

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