Elena Purpel


I am a longtime fan of yours and even met you and your husband once upon a memorable time in NYC. I am old now and still read and reread your books often. I especially reread the 6 Bedwyn books, plus their 2 prequels, plus the 3 Simply books in which Bedwyns or their neighbors appear, plus the first Survivor book with Lady Muir, plus the novella with the Duchess of Bewcastle’s sister. I wish there were more Bedwyn books . . . and had what to me seems like a brilliant idea: Why not start writing romances about the next generation of Bedwyns? We keep seeing the children at all the family get-togethers; wouldn’t it be wonderful to see what happens to them when they grow older–and how the older Bedwyn couples are doing? You might start with the romance of David or Becky, Aidan’s adopted children, who are oldest. . . . I realize this would take you out of the Regency but not too far–after all, the Bedwyn books are set around the time of the Battle of Waterloo, so romances featuring the next generation could still be pre-Victorian. Anyway, that’s my idea. –Your old friend EP (please do not print my email address on the web anywhere–thanks!)

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