Dolores Monaco


Your books make me appreciate MYSELF (and no, I refuse to ascribe to a Law laid down by some Ubiquitous THEY that holds capital letters on the Internet to be SHOUTING. With no italics available, what else are we to use for EMPHASIS? Anyway, I am 82-years-old and live alone with two sweet cats, Cyrus and Zoe. I am happy to know from the postings on your website that your readership includes a hefty number and variety of individuals who love and devour historical novels of superior quality. I confess to having a passion for the English language and relish a huge range of top-quality writing. I, too, “cut my teeth” on Georgette Heyer novels, and am delighted that you “go one better” than Heyer by including tasteful sex. Taste and Class are the hallmarks of your creations, Ms. Balogh, and you make me happy for the extensive reading I have pursued since early childhood, especially since mine is not a cultured, educated heritage. Comments from your readers evince a wide range of educational and cultural backgrounds. As an avidly self-educated as well as formally educated individual (M.A. in Theatre — and don’t ever let anyone sell that subject short: theatre comprises the cultural riches of civilization all the way back to prehistoric cave paintings in southern France, as I’m sure you are aware.) Well, so much for self-congratulations! Back to bed and book! And your delightful characters and the intriguing situations in which you place them.

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