Dolores Monaco


Somewhere I read women’s fiction described as “soft porn for women.” Well, that depends: I was reared with the belief that sex is one of God’s most beautiful gifts to His human children. Mary Balogh’s sex scenes capture that truth in its essence. There is never anything gross or distasteful in Mary Balogh’s sex scenes; in them she captures all the beauty and meaning and emotional depth our Maker intended sex and the body to convey to the human spirit. A parent guiding his/her children through puberty would do well to supply young women (and older ones, too) and even boys,* with Mary Balogh novels. As a passionate devotee of the riches of the English language I cannot fault a single instance of Ms. Balogh’s writing. Anyone, of any age nurtured on Mary Balogh books can only gain the very best of what English has to offer. I cannot say that I am fluent in any other language, but I do have enough French (2 years each high school and college study of that language) to read it with understanding. In my view our English language is not only beautiful in itself, but also in its role in the human development of western European history, going back beyond Time, (witness the prehistoric cave paintings in southern France.)

In any case, I contend that Mary Balogh’s novels enrich the total Reader, mind, body and spirit. I am grateful that, at age 81, I have discovered her creations and look forward to more to come. Keep those arteries healthy, Mary — WE NEED YOU!

P.S. I have a beloved male cousin, age 80, who reads romance novels. I can hardly wait to send him a copy of one of my favorite Mary Balogh books. I know he will be as delighted with this author’s creations as I am.

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