diane pershing


We met many years ago in Orange County, CA, when I was president of that county’s RWA Chapter. We had a lovely chat about interior monologs in which I told you that I so admired how perfectly you wrote them–no too long, not too fussy, psychologically astute, etc. That in my books, I was always worried that I was either over- or underwriting them and you said you always worried about yours also. It was a memorable day, sometime back in the 1990’s, and I thank you for it. I now re-read your entire oeuvre every few years. We are the same age, you and I, and I also now listen to the books while I do my daily nature walks. It is an entirely different experience and I am grateful for it. I thank you for your characters, the lessons they all need to learn, and your gift of creating lasting works of literature.
Diane Pershing

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