Diana Huddle


Hi Mary
I just recently discovered your books and have read several series so far. I so enjoy how your characters appear in multiple books, it gives such depth to the stories that you tell.
I just finished reading Eleanor Thompson’s story in Another Dream. Two of the child characters really stood out to me and I was wondering if you have or would consider telling their stories? I absolutely loved Georgette Benning’s character and would be very excited to revisit her as a young woman. The other character that I would love to read about is Lizzie, blind daughter of the Marquess of Attingsborough. When Lizzie said that she had never met another blind person I thought how neat it would be for her and Viscount Darleigh to meet and form a friendship. The introduction would be easy enough for Lady Trentham since she is a mutual friend of both.
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent with the world. I love your books!

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