Debora Mazieiro


Dear Ms. Balogh, I just love your books !
Few months ago I started read the Bedwyns serie and I just following in love about them… when finished last book I was missing them already… I started to read other series and I just cant stop to read them anymore ! ! !
The Simple series had so lovely stories with updates of the Bedwyns 🙂 then I started “The survivor’s club”, with a little worry that he stories would be somehow dark, but I have a great surprise – they were full of hope, love and happiness after difficult/hard moments in the War… a great message in fact ! I just finish to read The Secreat Pearl and I have to confess that the story of Adam and Fleur took me to tears…. I think I miss an epilogue for them after the marriage because I didn’t want to finish to read it 🙂
Congratulations ! ! ! You are wonderful writer…. your amazing books are bringing light and joy to my life …. Thank you very much!
Warm regards,
Debora Mazieiro

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