Debbie Kendrick


I have been a fan for years. I started reading paperbacks of your novels. I graduated to E-books, and now listen to audio books. I have all The Survivors Club Books in audible as well as a several others. I have read most of your stories at one time or another. At this point I am trying to find the book where the hero came home from the war and was about to marry when his love/wife from the war shows up and stops the wedding. I know i have read the story before. It is referenced in the Survivors Club books. I believe Lady Muir is related somehow. Can you give me a bit of help to find this story again so I can read/listen again to a wonderful story. It must be a great feeling to know you have so many amaziing stories, your readers look for some of the back stories. Thank you for the many hours of entertainment you have provided. Keep sharing your stories. I will keep reading/listening.

Debbie K

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