Cindijo Mitchell


Hello Mary Balogh,
I am writing a short note to say how thoroughly and totally disappointed I was (and still am) in your book, Someone to Remember. Downright and profoundly. Can I say it any more emphatically? If one were to separate all SEVEN excerpts at the end of the book the novel is so minuscule, it should be referred to as a short story. Yes, SEVEN. When I looked at the portion of the SEVEN excerpts, it was one-third of the book. And the book was thinner than the others to begin with including the excerpts. Were SEVEN excerpts included to make the book look like it had some substance to it?
Yes, not only am I unable to get over the fact that there were SEVEN excerpts to take up space, but they were ALL from the previous books in the series which I had already read. If someone had accidently stumbled upon this book, why not indicate that this was a part of a series but including an excerpt from the following story? And if the publisher was adding excerpts to make the book look thicker, why not excerpts from some of your other series to draw people in rather than turning them away?
Cindijo Mitchell

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