Chava Bloom


Dear Mary,
How do you create such fascinating characters -each one with a whole constellation of personality qualities and situations… book after book after book – each family circle with its own inner dynamics… grappling with specific, very real life issues. Even though your books take place so long ago, we can all identify with the challenges your characters face. And you express their inner psychological world so realistically: what this one is going through… and how that one sees the same situation from such different eyes. You capture the human dynamics so beautifully… And when you paint the scene – the ancestral home or the park or the theater – the descriptions never bore, and always seem to capture the moment without being tedious. And I LOVE that the stories are about good people in love, and that they all end happily! With wonderful loving relationships!!! I don’t care if real life often doesn’t play out that way; it’s so good to fill the mind once in a while with good characters with good values and where happily-ever-after really does come true! You bring more love into the world with your writing. May God bless you with many more fruitful years!

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