Brian Gage


I was blinded at 18 by a gun accident, so have totally enjoyed listening to the Survivor series, and especially about Vincent, Viscount Darleigh. I am just now reading “The Arrangement” in Word format using a screen reader and would like to pass along one observation. Though you capture blindness and my own feelings regarding it as a challenge rather than handicap, total blindness for a once sighted person is not blackness or darkness. I see many light patterns in my minds eye, and still dream visually. In fact, sometimes it would be refreshing to not see constant, swirling patterns in my imagination as they can get distracting.
Beyond the entertaining, romantic and erotic quality of your stories, I have enjoyed your grasp of the emotional and physical challenges which your characters have faced and overcome. Vincent touched on my own situation so many decades ago. Keep up the great work.

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