Anny Densmore


I stumbled upon Simply Unforgettable about six years ago and you are still unparalleled in this genre. And this genre is for the most part all that I am interested in reading now. You got me started! It’s like food to me. I read it on my kindle every night, some days. I listen when I can’t sleep. My current problem is that the library does not carry all of your books on kindle. I have now read all that they offer in this regard, many times over..and I’m not usually someone who reads a book more than once. You have really struck a chord with me! Please let me know if you plan to convert more of your books to the kindle format. Thank you, Mary, for your exquisite skill…it brings to my life precisely the element for which I hunger. I remember my dear mother in the last years of her life sharing with me that when she gets in bed with her kindle it’s her favorite time of day. While I have many activities that I love, at this point in my own life, I completely sense the feeling of which she spoke.
Sincerely, A very satisfied fan!

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