anna barnes


I have just been reading the messages in your guest book and find others have expressed their love for your books in every way possible better than I can. With Barbara Metzger you come closest to my favourite author Georgette Heyer than others that I also enjoy and each series I come to the end of leaves me very sad. I have the next two westcotts already ordered and can’t wait. There is a great problem for me here in England tho’ and that is so many of your books are not in Kindle and I regret each one I am missing so much. Is the problem different publishers or what? The last 6 Bedwyns ,where it really is the family, I have just ordered in paperback but they are a struggle ‘cos I can’t alter the print size and as I get older that gets worse. So every 6 months or so I go through to see if there are any more in Kindle because I ache to think of what I am missing. Thank you so much for what I have , to think I could have missed Lily or Vincent or so many more wonderful people. I will continue to buy what I can get and again thankyou for sharing your imagination and your family.

Regards and hopes you can convince the publishers,

Anna Barnes

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