Alison Hammond-weiss


Hello Mary, I am a huge fan, I proudly own almost every one of your books in paperback and have read every book of yours I can find on Kindle. I am writing to tell you I named a gift package after you. It’s called “The Mary Balogh” and contains a handmade covered notebook, a handmade bookmark, handmade bubble bath and a ready to drink Cosmo. Everything in this package is made in Alberta. My husband and I own a catering business that covid destroyed. I was depressed and devastated but then pivoted and have spent these months of unemployment reinventing our business into a gift shop. We use only Canadian items made by small businesses in our gifts. We supply the yum in our gifts…food from our commercial kitchen. I would love to send you a free copy of this gift….as a small thank you for the years and years of reading material you have delighted me with. Please check out your namesake gift on I hope it ok that I named this gift after you?

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