Alicia B


Hey Mary I’m a super-fan, I’ve read almost every book of yours that I could find, and I can’t say anything bad about any of them. Actually, each time I read a new one, it becomes my favourite, but then I reread an old one and get confused again. I read more than 30 of your books during 2020 and I’m so grateful that your writing helped me during such a difficult time. I remember watching your live that you did with the publisher for Brazil during the pandemic and you even answered one of my questions and that really made my day. Thank you thank you for keep writing books that are getting better every time (for me, all the Wescotts books are masterpieces, so profound and lovely at the same time, even funny). You have my profound respect. Hope you’re doing fine, and that you’ll write a book for Bertrand, to end up the Wescott’s series with style. Of course I’d be very happy if it had more 10 books, or even more, but I urge to see Bertrand get his happy ending. All the love ❤️

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