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I tried to send this before but I think it did not send , so th8is is a second try. I note that you are starting a new series , but I think that there could eventually be two more Westcott series books , for which I suggest the names Someone Joyful , and , Someone Encouraging ( or perhaps , Someone Inspiring ) !.

I now am the proud owner of 40 of your books so I know that you have had a heroine called Suzzane before , so I have
changed my suggestion to Rosemary.

The suggestion is , book 11 , Someone Joyful , the story of the supposed foundling who turns out to be lady Rosemary Westcott , the always joyful and happy fully trained lady’s maid who becomes a countess. The front of the book could also include the secondary title under her portrait picture , Countess of the Fishing Fleet.

Her marriage could be all arranged by the ladies of the Westcott committee , determined to make up for past lost organizing opportunities , and she and her betrothed could be befriended by Estelle & Justin ( and their children ? ) who are in London visiting their father and stepmother.

Book 12 Someone Encouraging could tell the story of one of the WEstcott children , there must be many of them by now !

Suggestions are just suggestions or ideas . it is not your fault that I am only 50 percent of an excellent fiction writer and cannot hope to ever be more. Whatever you do will be excellent. Thank you for using the book titles Someone to Romance and Someone to Cherish. It was an honour to see them used and in print.

Hopefully you still have the ideas and suggestions that I sent about Rosemary;s story ( the highwayman who wished he was still at home in bed , but was shot dead in a blizzard , etc, ) Writing it was great fun and if your copy is lost I can supply another. Don’t give up on the Westcotts , there are still two fabulous books there , all they need is time and a willing writer.

Regards ,

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