Aahana Agrawal


Dear Ms. Balogh, I stumbled upon the Bedwyn saga only a few months ago, but fell irrevocably in love with it. The Bedwyns indulged me during the pandemic, and compelled me to abandon everything and get lost with them. I adored Aidan! The smart, staid, beautiful man and his peaceful story made me weep (quite literally, too). And then I gave The Huxatable Quintet a go, and it made my heart sing. It might be unfair to compare the both, but the Huxatables had a greater impact on me. It had moral and external conflicts, but more than that, it was the way they had been portrayed which made all the difference. Each book had a different type of love to show, but they all amalgamated to the one kind of love which is the most complex to understand, and yet, the one we crave. There was one line in Wulfric’s book that struck me. When Christine was puzzling over whether she loved, or was in love with Wulf. I had not thought there was a difference between the two before. And then I puzzled over it for a long, long time. I guess I’m partial to the Huxatable series because it made understanding that one line easier. I wish you very well, and am looking forward (ravenous, really) to read the Ravenswood series.
Lots of love and respects from India!

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