Thief of Dreams

Berkley Historical, 1998, ISBN0-515-12274-2

Cassandra Havelock, Countess of Worthing, is happily looking forward to the independence that will come on her twenty-first birthday. But a mysterious and attractive stranger, claiming to be a dear friend of her late father, makes his appearance at her birthday ball and soon snares her heart. Too late she realizes that she has been duped by a villain. Or is there more to Nigel Wetherby than villainy?

“A young heroine determined to be independent and a charming hero seeking vengeance deal with betrayal, treachery, and family in this compelling, somewhat unpredictable story that is passionate, complex, and beautifully Balogh.”
Kristin Ramsdell, Library Journal

“What is a keeper? For this reader, a keeper is a book that stands out, that keeps you riveted, that causes you to tune out the rest of the world–one that you can’t put down and one that you want to read again almost immediately. By those exacting criteria, Mary Balogh’s latest Georgian historical, Thief of Dreams, is a clear keeper.”
Jean Mason, The Romance Reader

“A vengeance-driven, wounded hero; a naive, charming heroine; and a host of concerned relatives combine in a story of passion, treachery, and betrayal that should appeal to those who like their historicals well crafted and on the dark and unpredictable side. Balogh is a popular writer of both Regencies and historicals that often push the boundaries of romance.”
Library Journal

“Thief of Dreams is the story of innocence and love triumphing over darkness and deception. Mary Balogh describes with tender passion and aching sensitivity both the beauty of a new love unfolding, and the hard and bitter struggle with disappointment and disillusionment.”
Larry Rogers for New and Used Books



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