Eight years ago, Felicity, Lady Wren, married a wealthy older man in order to save her family from financial ruin. Now, widowed and free again, she yearns to experience all the bright pleasures a busy social life with the ton can offer. She longs for romance at last and marriage to someone young, handsome, and attractive. She soon fixes her interest upon a lord with a rakish reputation and dreams of changing him.
Tom Russell, a close childhood friend of Felicity’s, has never forgotten the passion that flared between them all too briefly before she chose Wren instead of him. He has not forgotten the heartbreak either. But when she turns to him for support in her search for a new husband, he puts his own feelings aside in order to be the friend she needs. Even when she enlists his aid in making her lord jealous, he goes along with her scheme.
Tom is perhaps too selfless and good-natured for his own good. And Felicity is perhaps too confused about what she really wants—and too much in denial about her real feelings for her dearest friend.

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