Four years ago George, Duke of Cranwell, put an end to his brief marriage with a bitter divorce. Now he is engaged again and has gone with his young fiancée, her grandmother, and his sister to spend a month enjoying the social entertainments of Bath.

Sarah Fifield, formerly the Duchess of Cranwell, changed her name and lived alone after her divorce until she took employment as companion to an elderly lady. Now the two of them are in Bath for a month, mingling with society.

And so Sarah and George are fated to meet again. Dismayed as they both are, however, they find it impossible to avoid each other when it turns out that her employer and his fiancée’s grandmother are old friends. Quite the opposite happens, in fact, as every day they are thrown unwillingly into each other’s company. The love that once bound them seems destined to be rekindled, much against their will—and Sarah finds it more and more difficult to make rational decisions and to guard the dark, painful secrets of her heart.

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