Christmas Gifts brings together in e-book format three previously published and long out-of-print novellas, each on the theme of love as the greatest of all Christmas gifts—love of family and children, and the forever kind of love between a man and a woman.

In The Best Christmas Ever during a boisterous house party all the children when asked are eager to say what they want for Christmas. All except one, that is. The exception is a young girl who has not spoken since her mother died. Her father’s heart aches for her as he hopes that the gifts he has bought her will be what she really wants. But her one fervent wish is for a new mother for Christmas—and she sees the person she wants among the guests. That lady, however, has an unhappy history with the child’s father and it seems unlikely the wish will come true.

In The Porcelain Madonna a gentleman encounters an obviously impoverished lady on the street one day and finds himself being drawn into helping her in her concern for everyone’s happiness but her own, even that of the seemingly undeserving. However, he has watched her gaze with longing at a porcelain madonna well beyond her means displayed in a shop window…

The Surprise Party

A man and woman who have long been antagonistic to each other find themselves stuck with the care over Christmas of children who are related to both of them. They quarrel over which of them should undertake the unwelcome task. It is not a happy situation until the children teach them the true meaning of Christmas and of love—and they discover that they can do it together.

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