Lady Rachel Palmer, young, beautiful, vivacious, and wealthy, is a huge success with London society. She hides an inner restlessness from everyone, however, a nagging suspicion that something is missing from her life. Some sense of purpose. Some substance to counter the frivolity of her days.

 David Gower, tall, dark, handsome, but an impoverished second son, was once unsettled and rebellious as he searched for something to give his life focus. Now, however, as a young clergyman with a new parish to serve, he has found what he was looking for and, with it, contentment and real happiness…

 …until, that is, he meets and falls in love with Rachel. Marriage to her is impossible. She is too far above him socially and too attached to her life of gaiety and wealth and privilege. David has nothing of value to offer her except a life committed to service and poverty. His love cannot possibly be enough.

 But Rachel, as deeply in love with David as he is with her, has other ideas. Perhaps life as a vicar’s wife is exactly what will suit her. How dare he presume to tell her otherwise?  How can he know what will make her happy? How can he, a clergyman,  possibly suggest that in some circumstances love may not be enough?

And if he cannot afford to woo her with expensive bouquets of roses, then let him pick her a bunch of daisies instead.

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