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Thank you so much for visiting my website. Do please leave a message in my guest book. I always love to hear what readers have to say, and I know that other people like to browse here too. I have to approve every message before it appears below, and so there may be a short delay before you see what you have posted. And before I approve a message, I strip away the email address so that it will not be displayed here for all to see. I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Just finished "Someone To Care" ,your best one yet!! Can't wait for Someone To really are my favorite Romance writer!! Millie Hanrahan

    Millie Hanrahan Fort Myers Florida USA
  • I have read 60 of your books & 10 novellas & loved each one. I started reading regencies in 2000 when I retired & got hooked on your books. You, Grace Burrowes & Julia Quinn are my favorites & I've started SAVING those books. I used to donate all my books to our local library but when I started the Survivor's Club, I decided to save the series. One day I was cleaning closets & found the entire Huxtable series on the floor, it must have fallen out of the bag of donations-to-go. I love reading series & don't start them till I have them all. But I often find a character pop up somewhere else & that is so nice. Keep up the exceptional work.

    Carol Lynn Glendale WI
  • I have read and kept all your books ( that I came across ) and novellas and reread them and repaired them, necessity from wear and affection required. Some I found in the thriving second hand market but enjoyed them in no particular order, especially the Signet Regency Romance edition (24)s as I knew I could depend on them for a quick read when my available time was at a premium.. I saved the longer editions for reading over several nights. Use of language, both able to paint a vivid visual and developing personalities of the characters. Always happy to finish without any disappointment., just satisfaction. I was only peripherally aware of reoccurring character names and before I retired and had a computer by then the definitely identified Series books began. I had not linked the earlier books and only recently realized I was missing Dark Angel after re reading Lord Carew's Bride and The Famous Heroine. and stacking the other five from that group. so many of your earlier writings have been re-issued is there any chance that Dark Angel might also become available again? Thank you for untold hours of reading pleasure, Just got home from a long road trip to Minnesota and back and. the Westcott Series latest available Someone to Care was my companion. My favorites are fickle as it is usually what I am reading at the time. Thank you again.. Judith P

    Judith Parry Jacksonville Florida U S A
  • I sincerely appreciate and am touched by the wisdom that you include in your books. In the Claudia and Joseph book ( my fave) you have the interlude of silence and in other books as well. 'So many great romance writers and I am so fortunate that one writes from the truth of being. If you are familiar with Gangagi she would describe you as a 'secret agent' sharing the true depth of life. You reach my heart.

    Deirdre Curtin Waterloo Ontario Canada a
  • I have nearly every one of your books from earliest to present day. I am working on the collection. I want you to know how much I admire and appreciate your work. Thanks for all you do.

    Annette N Annette TEXAS
  • Awesome website. I read and reread your books. They touch my soul and entertain me.

    Joyce Berty Avon, Ohio USA
  • Love, love, love your books. My 83 year old mother is a fan too. Keep giving us great books

    Joyce Hagens Kerens, Texas USA
  • Love the new website! Keeping up with your prolific writing can be tough some times...I can’t always read as quickly as you can’t write. ?

    Michelle Long Hershey US
  • Lovely website! I love your stories and the characters that you bring to life.

    Beth Geiger Kansas US
  • You are my favorite author. I enjoyed reading your bio on the new website. Thanks for the info on how to pronounce your name. I’ve been saying it wrong for years! Keep the new books coming!

    Kathi Wiles Tempe, AZ USA
  • Thank you for all the hours of reading pleasure you have given me, I feel like I am friends with many of your characters, especially the Bedwyn family. Keep the books coming please!!!

    Angie Fotopoulos Peoria AZ USA
  • I love the new website!

    Alison Hiltabidle Rocky Ridge, MD USA
  • Nice website. Congratulation from one Sask stubble jumper to another.?

    Marilyn Karst White City, Sask Canada
  • I love the new website, but I love your writing more. Thank you for sharing your life story with us on the "About" page. I read and re-read your books often. If I can't find something to read, I know an old friend is always on the shelf. I do wish that the publishers would re-issue your books in hardback editions so that they could last longer as my Bedwyn set is becoming quite tattered.

    Lynda de los Santos Texas United States
  • I have never read any of your books that have disappointed me in any way. Love them all and of course any you write in future

    Jan Lowe Brownstown,Michigan USA
  • I have enjoyed your books for some time now. And I do like your new website and look forward to browsing more.

    Betty Schulz Vallejo, CA USA
  • I’ve probably read almost all of your books and will grieve if you actually retire from writing. What I like the most is that your books vary in type and are sometimes truly touching on subjects that others ignore.

    Ellen B Delaware Usa
  • I really love your books. Especially the newer ones. You have great plots and believable characters. I am eagerly awaiting the new book.

    Mary Carricaburu Riverside, CA USA
  • So enjoy your books! Continue to look forward to your new ones!

    Mary DuMont Somerville USA
  • Your new website is beautiful, qnd will be a real pleasure to visit often! I just want to tell you how much your books have meant to me over the years. I read them again and again and They never lose ther magic! Thank you for the extraordinary tales you weave--you are a master!!

    Donna Harsell Missoula, MT 59801 USA
  • Mary, I love your new web site and all of your books. I can’t wait until all of your books come out as ebooks. Judy Hoskins

    Judith Hoskins Safety Harbor, Florida USA
  • Beautiful website, Mary!

    Margaret Gannon Hampstead, NC USA
  • The day I stumbled across the Simply series was truly an auspicious one. I've enjoyed every story you've told. Your views on communication and what happiness really is are so in line with my own that I relish devouring your new works - and find much comfort in curling up with an old favourite, time and time again. Thank you. ?

    Catherine W Edmonton Canada
  • Your new website is lovely! I especially like the family history and photos.

    Renee Gailloreto Whitewater, WI USA
  • Love the series books. Appreciate your talent.

    Linda Knecht Levittown, PA USA
  • Wonderful site! Thank you for telling us how to pronounce your last name. I always strive for correctness when it comes to names, as mine is frequently mispronounced (though. I'm not sure why). I'm now off to search YouTube for Welsh male choirs. :~)

    Jennifer Hynes Indianapolis, IN United States
  • When I see any book of yours I grab it up. You are such a wonderful writer. I enjoy them all. My list of your books I read is very long. Thank you. Sorry trump is our embarrassment not our president.

    Jacqueline Clapper Canton, Ohio USA
  • I started reading regency romances at age 15 when I started working at my local public library. I adored Georgette Heyer and became addicted to Mary Stewart’s romantic suspense novels. One day a work colleague suggested your books. I started the Bedwyn series and was captivated by your ability to create memorable characters. Your excel in writing romances that cannot be put down (my husband can bear witness to that since I read in bed). I know you have a great sense of humor from following you on Facebook. Your books give me a lot of pleasure. Thank you.

    Sue-Ellen Jones Fort Collins, Colorado USA
  • Thank you Mary, for this glimpse into your life along with all of the book details. You've been my favourite author for many years and I have collected most of your print books, which has been no mean feat! Of course I also have the ebooks and the audiobooks. Your writing and Anne Flosnik seem like natural partners. for your audiobooks and are always a joy to hear whilst doing mindless things on the computer. Since I'm somewhat older than you my time is my own (at last!) so I read the print books in bed, and the ebooks go with me when I leave the house. Slightly Dangerous is my all time favourite book of any genre, so I keep going back to listen again a few times each year. Kind regards from Eunice

    Eunice Cracknell Perth, Western Australia Australia
  • I love your books and always look forward to the next one. I use to get your email newsletter which I enjoyed and love the update on the next book coming out. However, I’m very disappointed that for the last couple of years, for some reason, I no longer get your email newsletter. I would really like to. Yes, I know I can go to your site, which I do, buy, it was so much nicer to get it by email to let me know it was out and about the upcoming books. Can’t wait for your next books

    Susan S Benton, LA USA
  • Sorry to get technical (because it's a lovely site, and yours are wonderful books) but you should ask your web developers to change the links for Amazon, etc. to ones that open in a new tab. That way, when I want to pre-order A Daring Masquerade (which I did), I still have your website up on its own tab to return to. As it was, I had to back out of Amazon and you know how grabby that site can be. 🙂

    Magdalen Braden Kingsley, PA USA
  • Mary - I love your books! I believe I have read all of them and always look forward to the release of new ones. Your characters are believable and human and I love the way they work through their emotions and lives just like the rest of us. Keep on writing please!

    Karen Barber Syracuse, NY USA
  • I have gathered together a complete set of your books including the short stories reading them ass they were acquired. Now I have set upon reading them in chronological order and am half way through (up to 1996). My burning question now is..... should I read the series together or in chronological order? Yes, I seem to have OCD. 🙂 Your books enthrall me, soothe me and comfort me in this uncertain world we live in at this time. Much love, Sheila P.

    Sheila Prince Stittsville, On Canada
  • I really love the way you write. You always take time to made me love all your characters. I'm looking forward to read your new books and the ones that are already out there that I haven't read yet.

    Marie-Noelle Vachon Quebec Canada
  • Love your new page. Look forward to each and everyone of your books. I thoroughly enjoy them!!!

    Dawn Miller Bluffton, Indiana USA
  • My favorite book is Dancing with Clara.

    LC E Ga USA
  • This is a wonderful website! I love the design and how the books are laid out by year or series. The family photo was super cute too 🙂 It's always nice to learn a little more about the life of the person writing/making all the 'magic'. I'm a big audiobook fan - love the performances of the voice actors, and I can read while doing dishes, etc. even when my eyes are tired after work. So I am REALLY looking forward to more of your books being available online, especially the Christmas ones!!

    Virginia Kita Tokyo Japan
  • I have enjoyed each stand alone book and each series. My favorite book of all of your series is "the next one". I love the way your words flow as you develop your story line. Thank you for perfecting this excellent craft of story telling .

    Patricia V. Nelson Emporia, KS U.S.A.
  • Dear Mary, I'm reading through all your books...Just finished the Frazer series, to start reading the only one's books. And I have to say it, I just love so veru much all your books. You're such a great author. I'm a literary translator, and I work with literature all the time, not always enjoying very much what I read. So, read for me is very important. Reading your books brings me the emotional satisfaction, I feel so very happy, and I've became addicted to this sweet feeling, that your books have brought me. I have to thank you, to spent so much feeling in words, for your readers...And thank you for every dear character you have introduced us through all your books. I'm reading now A Thirf of Dreams, and I already love it,...And I loooooove it when a book caught me in the first chapter. Thank you.

    Tully Ehlers São Paulo/São Paulo Brazil
  • Thank you so much for the gift of your stories. Since I stumbled across my first just over 2 years ago I've read more than 80 titles. Now that I've discovered your website I can see that there are still more for me to find. Yay.

    Peter Yardley Campbell River, BC Canada
  • I am pleasantly surprised by the number of books you’ve authored. I thought I had read all your books, but find I am woefully behind. I now know what to tell my family when they ask what I want for my birthday. I hesitate to give feedback concerning the website, as I am on my IPhone and I’d like to view it on my laptop (where I can actually see it better). However, anything printed in gray is difficult for me to read.

    Toni Bettencourt Tracy,CA United States
  • I tried to leave a message on your blog, but it didn't take, I just wanted to let you know that I am glad that you started the blog again. I have enjoyed it so much in the past. I'm a real fan girl. I love your books.

    Mary T Missouri USA
  • Glad to see The First Snowdrop coming as an ebook. I have been reading your books since A Masked Deception, which if I remembcer, was published even before The First Snowdrop. My Snowdrop is read at least once a year and is now simply a collection of loose pages - binding has long given up the ghost and the glue! This book, and many others of yours, especially the Christmas anthologies, are kept in the bookcase next to my bed. I love Regencies - and you are the only author of whom I have kept all the print books. - several lineal feet!

    Judy Needham Cape Cod, Massachusetts USA
  • I found your books years ago in the Signet Regency world. I still have some of those paperbacks. Excited you are reissuing. About 10 years ago my newly wed husband surprised me with a bookmark and other goodies from you for my birthday. He knew how much I loved your books and your were very kind to help him out! Love keeping in touch with you on Facebook. Happy writing!

    Joyce Burkhardt Ohio USA
  • I have enjoyed all the books I have read especially the survivors' club series and look forward to the new Wescott book.

    Marti Woodward Elk Grove United States
  • I love the look of your new blog. The only change I might like to see is darker print, like on this page, the text is gray, a bit hard on old eyes. But I love the simplicity. I hate blogs that are loaded with content and graphics on one page. I work off an older iPad, and lots of graphics takes longer to load, more prone to crashing, and I can get lost. It's nice to see the older Signet regencies coming back out. I don't have to stress over the ebook thing as I still have all of yours, and a few other favorite regency authors. But for others, just discovering that unique Regency world, it's a godsend I'm sure. Many thanks for decades of great reading.

    Kristin Lundgren Boise/ID USA
  • I am so excited to see the books you have coming out this year Mary! I am one of those people who greatly prefer a paper book to an ebook, but I understand the physical and financial limitations of publishing. Luckily, thanks to my diligence (and luck!) when I first discovered your books, I was able to find a number of your old Signet Regencies in the used book stores, but my copies have been read and re-read so many times that they are falling apart. What a luxury to have the opportunity to purchase e-copies! The Wescott series is wonderful and I can't wait for the next installment. Thank you very much for the many hours of reading pleasure you have given us all.

    Lisa Schultz San Jose, CA USA
  • I have been a Mary Balogh fan since 2002, when I happened across A Summer to Remember. What a great time to discover your books, as that was the jumping off point for the truly wonderful Bedwyn and Simply series, and eventually even the Survivors' Club! I love the way you can create an entire community of characters who weave in and out of each other's books. And you are doing it again with the Westcott family. I can't wait for Elizabeth & Colin's story this fall. The set-up reminds me of my own love story with a younger man, to whom I've been happily married for 20+ years. 🙂 Many of your heroines have characteristics or circumstances that I can identify with; I think this is part of your gift of creating characters that ring true and to whom your readers can relate. Several of your books have become old friends that I revisit regularly. Thank you so much for your fabulous body of work and your ongoing dedication to your craft. And for somehow finding time to connect with us on Facebook, too!

    Kathy O. Illinois USA
  • I love your books I can't wait for the next Westcott book. Thank you

    Mary Mady New York USA
  • Please add me to your upcoming releases.

    ardella slavens chalmers, in usa
  • Mary,after exhausting the library,i have been buying you books from Book Depositry I absolutely love you books and am collecting them to keepThe problem is with Book Depositry..I have had a few orders,but the last one they say I have not paid.i always pay on order,and have sent proof from my bank statement.All to no avail.I am 81yrs old an an honest person.After many emails, I give up and buy your books elsewhere,but it annoys me to be treated like a dishonest person.Your very happy fan.I pass them on ,but NOT to keep. Nola.

    nola atkinson alexandra hills Brisbane Qld Austalia
  • I started reading your books only this year and have almost finished reading all that are available in eBook format. (No room in my house for more hardcopy books!) I love them and start a new one as soon as I finish the current one.. I have only one regret and request. The system does not lend itself to printing any pages, including a family tree, even with a screen scraper. I am usually able to locate a relevant map, location image, or dress and uniform examples on the internet; but no family trees for your fictional characters. Since many of your books reference the same or related characters would you please include printable family trees on your website? As I start to re-read the books, a family tree would be most helpful.

    Cecile St John Chicago, Illinois USA
  • Thank you for sharing your talent in the stories you tell. I have just started reading your books and have fallen in love with the Survivors series. I have so many more to read and look forward to it. These stories take me to a world I can only imagine living in - in a way I am glad I did not. I can identify with so many of your characters. I had the joys of travelling in Wales twice and loved the areas we saw. My husband loved the little railways and that brought us to the sites and to learn the history. I now must return to Wales, Scotland and England soon to visit the places in the stories and also visit my friends there. I am trying to read your series in order, but the library here does not have all of them. Hunting them down online and in bookshops. (I prefer books) Looking forward to reading all your books - thank YOU!

    Margot Purcell Margot Purcell Indiana USA
  • As an English teacher, I always thought myself "above* romance books. Then one day I got a copy of Someone to Love on sale, and I was captivated by the richness of the characters and plot. A little while later I picked up a copy of Simply Magic, and I was hooked! Such interesting characters, a sweet love story, and a even a mysterious back story. Wow! I'm now on a mission to read all your books. I've read around 30 so far, and I've loved every one. I'm so glad you've written so many-- so much to look forward to ! Thank you for all the enjoyment.

    Rachel Zimand St. Louis, MO USA
  • I have read almost all of your books, and, obviously, love your writing. Wulfric Bedwyn is my favorite hero...followed by Claudia and her Marquis! Thank you for hours of pleasure.

    Olga Nodarse Lakeland, Florida US
  • Hi Mary, Simply, I think you’re the best - plots, style, characters, contents, variety, inventiveness, the whole package. Only discovered you in the last couple of years and you’ve greatly enriched my whole reading experience. Have just finished re-reading the ‘Mistress’ books, this time in order of marriages along with the missing chapters appropriately inserted from Now A Bride which added even more enjoyment second time around. I thoroughly delighted in the extras and greatly appreciated you sharing them after all. I did, however (that’s better than a ‘but’ hey?) notice the superb Tresham telling his friends several times,and Jane, in More than a Mistress that He ‘never waltzed.’ [Though this was naturally overruled in ch10 in order to waltz with his Jane.] Yet at an earlier occasion in Vauxhall Gardens, in ch10 The Secret Mistress, Tresham had actually led Cousin Belinda/Lady Eagan onto the dance floor and waltzed with her publicly, and deliciously. Perhaps I noticed the anomaly because you drew his Vauxhall waltz so luciously?? Bless you, Please keep writing and really hope you outlive me! Ek

    Erana Wojtas Christchurch New Zealand
  • Mary, I have longed to see the new website. I do check often and was surprised today with a happy website. I love it. Keep it up you write wonderful books. I cannot wait for the next one. Excited fan, Rossi

    Rossi Moreno Milwaukee, WI USA
  • I love your characters. You make them seem like real flesh and blood people. Some writers paint pictures with there words, some make the setting or the time frame the most important. With you it is the characters. Thank You. I am very much a fan!

    Darlene Berglof Sumas, Wa USA
  • I am new to the romance genre, being a mystery reader for the most part. I have been pleasantly surprised by your books. The writing is exquisite and the characters memorable and charismatic. Plots are intriguing and at times surprising. I am enjoying being relaxed while I read, which makes a change from the sometimes blood and gore of mysteries. Surprised to see you live in Saskatchewan!

    Dodie Bizon Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada
  • Dear Mary. I have read every book you have in print and have just completed "Someone to Care" which reminds me somewhat of "The Escape." I am originally from Jamaica, the West Indies. One book that means a lot to me is "Longing" set in Wales. As a child in the backwoods of home, I learned about the "Eisteddfod" when it was introduced to our school by a very forward-looking Head Teacher. I grew up in the days when my country was still ruled by Britain and so I view myself as through and through British. Naturally, I am enthralled by everything Regency, but I love your turn of phrase and I often go back and re-read whole books just for the joy of it. I am a writer myself, but my genre is poetry. Please keep the books coming and if there are some out of print, you may want to have them released again. Thank you, Rose.

    Rose HALL Lakeland, Florida USA
  • SIMPLY... THE BEST OF THE BEST! I have enjoyed ALL of the books you have written. Such an amazing array of Characters and their stories. So, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU FOR HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT!

    Jeri Arterburn Hensley USA
  • Mary, I really enjoy reading your books, and the crossover of some of your characters between the different series. Like you, I am a great fan of the English author Georgette Heyer, and particularly of her book "Frederica" - I always enjoy anything about early inventions! I became an "Accidental Author", as you will be able to see from my web page - and Having unintentionally written a "best seller" myself based on Jane Austen's P&P, I wonder whether anyone has ever suggested to you that they could write "missing chapters" for any of your novels, such as Slightly Scandalous or Simply Perfect? Some authors are now adding Epilogues to some of their books, which I suppose are missing chapters in a way; or, a different approach, a Novella as a prequel to a book already published. Or do you hate the thought of that type of idea?

    Jean Brushfield Bath, Somerset, and now Tunbridge Wells, Kent United Kingdom
  • I love all your books. But, I love epilogues. What happened to Edmund Waite and Mary? Did they have a child? Would have loved and epilogue. I know you don't always write one so I make them up in my head. Also Sophie and her husband in the counterfit bethrold. Love you books. Thank you

    Jackie Miller Norwalk, Connecticut USA
  • To say I am a Mary Balogh fan is a massive understatement! I serendipidiously discovered Freya's book on my trip to Canada, at a lodge near Toronto in the landlady's little stack of books. I managed to hunt down the only copy of Slightly Dangerous in Romania and then badgered my dad who was on a trip to England to hunt down the other Bedwyn books. This was in pre online shopping era so we did a lot of hunting for your books, all worth it! We have lots of decent Romanian translations, though I am glad to have the original ebooks now, So happy I can enjoy your backlist finally. I started reading so much more thanks to you and it has been a great experience getting lost in each and every book. Thank you for your work & know you have lots of fans in Romania!

    Eliza Bulz Sibiu Romania
  • Paddy Ann Patton aka Grace Fellowes recommended I read your books. I met Paddy at a workshop in April and contacted her when a school friend and I decided to write a historical romance novel together. My school friend and I live in Austin, Texas but we went to boarding school in England. To get started, Paddy suggested I read your novels and sang your praises! I wondered if you had any advice for my friend and me as we set out? Any suggestions/ workshops/ conferences you would recommend? Very best wishes, Val

    Valerie Harbolovic Val US
  • I am enjoying the Wescott novels as I do all your books. I am so looking forward to Elizabeths story. Your books make me cry and laugh. Thank you for all your wonderful stories

    Jennifer Warrick Chesapeake United States
  • I found Mary Balogh books this year! First was The Secret Pearl. It was such a good story. Since then I have read The Survivor's Club series, The Slightly series, The Mistress series, The Web series. Just finished Beyond the Sunrise. I loved the historical background of this story as well as Joana and Robert. Thanks for sharing your writing talents with all your reading audience. Please don't stop writing!

    Mickey Perhac Spring Hill. Tenn. USA
  • I find myself returning to your books repeatedly and when my daughter says you just read that, I say it gives me such comfort. I, like you, read all types of books but when I want a book that takes me back to a historically accurate regency period written with such well developed characters that you come to care about, well it is your book that I crave. I find myself reading for up to 6 hours a night! Your writing is a beautiful gift you have shared with us and I for one have learned a lot about the regency period as well as wales and I thank you for this.

    Sue Lincoln Charlottessville, Virginia US
  • I have read all your books that have been available to me. As a retired English teacher, I love your style. However, I especially like that many of your characters have “flaws”. Too plump, too nearsighted, etc. make them real.

    Martha Durick Columbus, ND USA
  • I first signed your guest book many years ago and have been an admirer it seems forever! I still use the autographed book marker you sent and I do have all your books, including the Signet ("Lady with a Black Umbrella") I won by paying $50 in the long-ago days when Amazon had bidding wars. You give Jane Austen a run for her money, with your literate, well-thought out, sensitive descriptions of the "human comedy." I value the e-books because they give me quick access when I want to reread a particular favorite, especially the Christmas stories, which still bring a tear to the eye. Years ago, when I was visiting Los Angeles, I discovered a book store that had five (!) of the older Christmas anthologies with your stories. I bought them and shipped them home! How lovely to find those stories together now.

    Lee C Grand Island NY
  • I love your books so much. My husband reads your books to me at night, even when I travel I call him and he reads to me. He says he enjoys reading them to me, I'm just glad he does.

    Debra Thomas Austin, texas USA
  • I only found your books a couple of years back, but have read, and enjoyed, all I can get my hands on. I'm confused though, because many of your old books are being re-issued and they sound familiar. I'm wondering if maybe I've read them in books that are combined maybe with other authors, or more than one of your own stories...maybe with different titles? Do you happen to have a list connecting those books and your booklist? I don't want to re-purchase stories from Amazon that I already own under another title... Thank you for the many hours of enjoyable reading.

    S Page Michigan USA
  • I am a Reader of your books, and i like this genre. Please can you inform me, of following books will appear in future in german Version or if not, and where I can get your books. slightly married slightly wicked slightly tempted slightly sinful slightly dangerous Thank you for your answer. Kind regards - Josefa Markowetz - Greetings vom Austria

    Josefa Markowetz Kirchdorf, Upper-Austria Austria
  • I just want to thank you for the hours and hours of joy you have given me. When I am stressed, I reach for your stories again and again. Some of them I re-read as old friends. There are certain scenes that I remember and treasure. I hope that in your busy life you have time to read the comments people leave and understand ho wmuch you are appreciated. I am going through a hard time right now, and I have spent many sleepless nights with the Survivor's Club novels (again). They are old friends - both the books and the characters. Thank you so much. I am so grateful.

    Lisa Van Gemert Arlington, TX United States
  • I discovered your books recently and I have listened to several audio editions - the complete Bedwyn series, and now I'm working my way through the Simply books. I do enjoy reaidngs so many interconnected stories set in the same universe - and I can see there are many others yet in store for me! I especially look forward to reading or listening Kit and Lauren's story and the counterpart of it, her erstwhile fiancé and his wartime wife's. I'm very glad there are several books available inthe Audible Romance package and I congratulate you on finding such an exquisite narrator as Ms. Landor who brings out so many facets of the subtle emotions and humor in the text. Thank you for this blog and for writing excellent Regency romances!

    Agnes Nogradi Pécs Hungary
  • I’m excited about your new website! It’s awesome! I would reallllly like to win a book bag! ? p.s. I think I’ve read every book you’ve written. I’m 61 ?

    Debby Connelly Powell, Tennessee USA
  • I've just reread the Bedwyn series - one of my all time favourites - although I do appreciate all your books and series - and are wondering if you ever have thought about picking up that thread again and would tell us a second generation story about Christian Bedwyn all grown up. It would give your readers a chance to see how Wulfric and Christine are doing in their sixties and might offer glimpses of the other Bedwyns and their offspring as well. As you have mentioned in your blog Wulfric is your most popular hero and his son might follow suit. I'm certainly not the only one who would be interested. Thank you once again for many pleasurable hours of reading and enjoying your books. I sincerely hope there will be many more to come. All the best, Ingrid

    Ingrid Ingrid Wurzer Vienna AT
  • Mary, you are top of my list on historical authors. Your books are like a forever-gift. They make my world so much brighter. Thank you.

    Felicia Fallon Richmond, Virginia United States
  • A friend gave me a bunch of "romance" books to take back to the library. I had never read a book of that genre and read one of them that fell out of the bag. It was not very good, but as you said this type of book could have great or better quality. I asked my librarian if there were a better quality author of this type of books. She took me to the regular fiction shelves and showed me your books. ( Not in the "Romance" stacks. ) And that was the beginning... I love your novels!! Especially the series. Am looking forward to "Someone to Trust" and catching up with some of your earlier books that I missed. Thank you for the many hours of quality enjoyment.

    Jackie Flieg Maryland USA
  • I really absolutely love your work, my first book of yours was Dark Angel/ Lord Carew's Bride. It is so very near and dear to my heart, I get a great sense of joy reading your books. It helps me escape reality, if only for a moment. Thank You

    Laura Kirani Las Vegas, NV USA
  • I'm a new reader of your books, and over the last few months have read and really enjoyed both the Wescott and the Simply series and have recently started the Bedwyn series. I haven't read enough yet to decide which is my favorite book of yours, but right now I can say that my favorite is usually the last one I've read. They are all great. Appreciate the wonderful reads.

    Linda Jackson Chicago, Illinois USA
  • Where Do Your Ideas Come From? Somewhere in my book collection I think I have a book, 'Where does creativity come from?' Which reminded me of your musings on ideas and trying to explain where they come from. I'm fairly certain that we don't really know. Not a location. Nor a specific moment. Inspiration comes with many emotions, visuals, audio and grace or mindfulness that allows us to be open to receiving all that we have going on around us and in our memories. Relationships add to our reactions to experiences. Remembered words or moments stay with us. I love that you are inspired by music and share your loved moments from all types of music. My mother loved your books. Reading Mary Balogh were times when she expanded her knowledge, her heart and her faith that Love is the answer and we can all change. I read your books to her during the last four months of her life. She linked me to reading your books. I think of her as I read and comment to her (in my head/heart) lovely moments and character's uniqueness and wisdom. My mother even got my father to read your books. Over 18 years ago, I can still see him (in my mind's eye) with his eyeglasses up on this forehead, lying on top of his bed...reading one of your books. My father once said that he wished he had read Regency Romances many years ago. He thought he'd be a better husband if he had known more about romantic love. Thank you for capturing your ideas and building them into healing and inspiring stories. Katherine Cramer

    Katherine Cramer Oakland, California United States
  • I am a real fan of your books and have read them all. Especially LONGING, this is my favourite I have read it many times and still get tears in my eyes. As long as my library has it I shall read it again and again. But it would be wonderful to own my own copy. I'm afraid I couldn't leave a comment on your blog.

    Yvonne Jones Hamilton New Zealand
  • I enjoyed reading about how you get your ideas.

    Sandra Chan Auckland New Zealand
  • I am not sure if this the proper spot, but I received an email that I was a lucky winner in your drawing! I am delighted and thankful. My thanks for this gift and the gift of hundreds of hours of sweet reading! Martha

    Martha Durick Columbus, ND USA
  • My mother (who has passed away) started my love of romance. She had all of your books - some were lost due to hurricanes and friends borrowing. When the Survivor Series came out, we would go to the bookstore and buy two copies. We finally got wise to pre-ordering, and then it came down to who would get their copy delivered first. She usually got her copy earlier in the day (or even a day before me) because she ordered more from Amazon then I did. I have re-read all of your books, I have 75 on kindle. I never get tired of them. I have loaned my print copies out and given several from my mother's collection away. Can't wait for Elizabeth's story! I already have "A Christmas Bride" and "Under the Mistletoe", so will probably not order "A Very Special Christmas", but it will be the first time that I haven't gotten your latest. Thank you for all of your stories! Please keep them coming.

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  • Hi, I just finished Survivors' Club this year and loved it! I'd like to know if this series will have sequels, with the survivors' children or if this books does exist already? Thank you, Dandara.

    Dandara Machado Santa Maria/Rio Grande do sul Brazil
  • I have read and reread all your books and always enjoy them. I just read your biography on your website and it helped me to understand why I am so drawn to you and your writing. I often get your posts on Facebook and must admit they are one of the few things that I share. I love your puns, your cartoons, and the beautiful pictures you share. Thank you for the enjoyment you have brought into my life. Rosemary

    Rosemary Stancampiano Volcano, HI USA
  • I discovered Mary’s books about 12 years ago when a friend who had just opened a second hand book shop told me to try Mary Balogh books. He didn’t have any but I checked in the kindle store and started buying them. I own every book available on kindle and have bought every print copy except those out of publication and not available anywhere, or so expensive I can’t afford them. They are wonderful wonderful stories. My favourite is the Bedwyn series. Especially Wulf and Christine’s story. I have re read it so many times!

    Felicity Wicks Wyee Australia
  • Dear Mary Balogh, I love your books and feel close to your characters. A few remarks about historical facts: the Napoleonic wars, in which Harry Westcot was supposed to participate ended in 1815, the waltz , danced by the Duke of Netherby and Anna was introduced in 1830! Th e word “prune” was introduced much later than the action of Someone to Love, a wonderful book, one of your best. (Author note: The waltz, first introduced to England in 1804, became popular in London in 1812-13)

    Ludmilla Wightman Princeton, Nj USA
  • Dearest Mary, I’m a huge fan of your books, I’ve read most of them, some at least three or four times. My favorite family has to be the Bedwyns, I was very saddened by the ending of the enter series. I hope one day you’ll pick up where you left off; or perhaps they can book/story hop in your future books. Mary... the reason I’m actually writing is to ask for a clarification on the term ‘Antidote’. This word comes up quite frequently in your stories referring to beauty or lack of. For example, in ‘First Comes Marriage’, Elliot says something like this...”Vanessa’s sisters are lovelier than she but, she no antidote either” I can’t find a reference this meaning. Please enlighten me! Thank you. Sincerely Shalet

    Shalet Gharibian Burbank USA
  • Dear Ms. Balogh I am reading your 3 books for the 3rd time - they are all I have. The first snowdrop. Counterfeit Bethrotal and Lord Carew's bride. I love your books - because they give us many pearls of wisdom which we could use in our own marriages and the story lines are so unusual and very entertaining. We cannot find your books in the bookshops in Sri Lanka but I will be ordering them through Amazon very soon. All the very best to you and your family and please keep on writing your marvellous books!

    Sherryn Yaseen Sherryn Yaseen Sri Lanka
  • Like others, I believe I’m your #1 fan! All of your books have a special place on my bookshelves and in my heart. I do read other books but I find myself reading yours over and over. It would be amazing to receive any signed book of yours!

    Paula Datz Missouri USA
  • Is there a place where one can find a list of your interconnected characters, explaining their interconnections, even when the books are not part of the same "series"? In other words, where you provide information next to a book such as "X, the hero of this book, is a brother of X, the heroine of [book title]. Thanks.

  • I would be THRILLED to receive a signed copy of one of your books! Keep writing and keep making your fans sigh and smile.

    Paula Datz Missouri USA
  • I just finished reading Mary Balogh;s A Day for Love. I truly loved all three stories. My favorite story is the Golden Rose. It was great. I also read The Christmas Miracles which I really enjoyed as well. The Bond Street Carolers was my favorite, but all three were great reads. I should have waited until Christmas to read this book. All in all , Mary Balogh's books are all great! thank you Mary!!!

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  • A pleasure to have a chance to tell you how much I love your books! I've been a huge fan of Georgette Heyer since I was a teenager but never found any author to compare. At last! I love the way your characters develop, the way they really listen to each other, the way they often think one thing and do another-- so psychologically real! There's such a beautiful moral center to the books. I think my very favorite is A Summer to Remember because the characters come SO far in development, each one and together. I also love the fact that every single one of your men and women are individuals. Even though there are repeated themes, I would never mistake the voice of one for someone else. Live long, write a lot more, please!!!

    Ann Cornell Berkeley CA USA
  • I love your books, specially The Bedwyn Series and The Survivor's Series, published in Brazil at the moment. Anxious for more!!!

    Petra Cabral Guarulhos/São Paulo Brazil
  • Mary, my husband and I were able to go to London last year, I was disappointed to find there was no Mary Balogh Romance Tours, alas. I made my own. On our first day there, in Hyde Park had a Royal Salute. Horses and military men, along with cannons went by us. I am just sure that one of them was Flavian, OK, his descendant. We walked to the Serpentine and I glanced a bit of pink going by, surely that was Christine and Wulfric. We went to the Tower of London and just missed Prissy and Gerald in the Armory. At the British Museum visiting the Towneley collection, I could have sworn that Elliot and Vanessa were just ahead of us. St. George on Hanover square was also visited. Sophie and Vincent had just left. As we left I believe I heard organ music, Dora did make it back to play. We walked through Grosvenor Square, although I know it was bombed during World War II, surely the house we passed was George and Dora's. It was fun to imagine. Thank you for many hours of enjoyment.

    June Hart RIO RANCHO United States
  • Mary, life won't have been the same without your always wonderful, inspiring books. You always have been and will be my number one favorite author in any genre. It amazes me that you continue to come up with these unique, lovely characters and stories. I hate it when your books come to an end necause I want to continue to be in their lives. Yet, I am left with a warm glow when the books end. Thank you so much! Love you!

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  • Amei os Bedwyns e seus protagonistas! Todos são maravilhosos, com exceção do Conde de Rosthorn, Gervase Ashford, Dele não gostei. Achei-o um tanto sem sentimentos verdadeiros. Mas quem realmente me conquistou foi Wulfric Bedwyn !!!! que caráter e personalidade fantásticos. Eu quero um Wulf pra mim........

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  • I have been reading your books since my first one "The First Snowdrop" - and I have enjoyed them all. I have now joined the electronic age with a kindle fire. I have been slowly collecting the older books as well as new ones. I have enjoyed re-reading all the older books. Thank you for all the enjoyable hours reading your stories. Sincerely, Betty

    Betty Ann Olson SUNSET BEACH, North Carolina United States
  • dear Mary Balogh I do so much enjoy you books there are several series that I have enjoyed and could hardly wait for the next book to come out I'm enjoying the Wescott family series right now and look forward to each new book. you make your story's come alive, I hope to enjoy reading you books for many more years to come. sincerely one of your fans

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  • Hi Mary, I love your books with passion, the Bedwyns enchanted me, every character made me want the books even more. Wulf is undoubtedly my favorite and Alleyne so cheerful, without doubt the Freyja book is one of my favorite books. I started collecting your books and I like everyone

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  • Love your books . Keep them Coming. I have your books in all the ways . Hard backed paper Backed PC and my little bookreader. Thanks for all your great stories. Joan

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  • Hello Mary, we met several years ago when you came to Calgary to present at our CaRWA (Calgary Association of Romance Writers of America) spring workshop. I had read several of your books before that workshop and have read many more since. I have enjoyed them all. I joined a Facebook group called Regency Romance Fans and a one member wrote 'I am going to try a new author Mary Balogh I never read her before she has so many books any suggestion???' So far there are 54 comments from members of that page, every single one of them (including myself) having their particular favorites or just all of them. Your books have been a delight to read and are much treasured. For me, the best thing about a good book is that you can read it again and again. Sincerely, Victoria Chatham

    Victoria Chatham Calgary, Alberta Canada
  • Mary I love your books and have read all that I can get on my kindle. I read on the kindle as I have a problem with my sight and can increase the font size on the kindle which makes reading a lot easier. I would love to read the Bedwyn series of books but for some reason they are not available on Amazon UK, is there a reason for this, and am I likely to be able to get them in the future? Best Wishes Vicki B.

    Vicki Brighton Montrose Scotland

  • love all the books that I have read,it takes a long time to receive them from the book shop so I order them in series,all the books make me laugh and cry I get myself into the one person important that I follow him or her as if it was me, maybe it sounds strange to some people but I was never a book reader till one day I bought a book of yours and the rest is history,love them mary please keep writing them, I'm my book shops favourite customer according to them,because of you. regards loreena

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  • I love your books. My dream is to have one with your signature in it. Keep them coming.

    Editha Thompson 990 County Road 68 Killen, AL 35645 United States
  • Your books are so wonderful to read. I've read many of your books and look forward to some of your new books that I have not obtained yet. Thank you for your hard work,

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  • I love your books.I have read them all I think.Good triumphs evil and hope never dies.

    Jeanne Hines Baytown , Texas USA
  • I have enjoyed your books so much that I have read The Survivors Club, The Slightly, and The Simply series at least twice so I guess that I should know the answer to this question, I just finished Slightly Dangerous, actually my favorite of that series, and Wulfric referred to Marianne Bonner. Have you told that story? If so, in which book? Thank you.

    Annie Nielsen Winterset, IA USA
  • I love your stories. They get me in touch With my emotions. That is a good thing. You go so deep-- I thank you for that. I have only read a few but intend to read All your novels. Take care. Rick

    Richard Miller Des Moines, Ia. USAi
  • Only Beloved and The Arrangement are my favorites from The Survivors Series. Thank you for the wonderful books.

    Editha Thompson 990 County Road 68 Killen, AL 35645 United States
  • a villian is made by someone who cares for nothing or noone.just out to get what theywant no matter how.

    gwyn beams shepherdsville kentucky United States
  • Hi Mary I love all your books especially some of your older ones. I have been trying to obtain copies of your Horsemen Trilogy. I was able to get Irresistable in paperback several years ago, from America, but neither of the others. I noticed they are available on Kindle but unfortunately not in Australia. Is there any chance they coulod become available at a later date? Thanks Anne

    Anne Oddie Hobatt, Tasmania Australia
  • I love to find or have someone refer me to authors who write series books. Someone at my local library referred me to your books in January of this year.. I have not been able to stop. I have read 18 so far. I love that we can get so involved in the characters lives. The way you write about the landscapes, homes, fashion and parties makes you feel that you are right there walking among the guest. I have always said that " a book can take you anywhere in the world that you want to go or anytime period." Every time I get close to the end of a series I get kind of melancholy, I don't want to say goodbye to these characters, but alas all good things must come to an end. Just one question, do you think that The Suitor will ever be in printable form? I have only been able to find it in ebook form.

    Ronda DeForrest Pascagoula, MS USA
  • Mary, would they be enough of material to do a novella about Georgette Benning? She was precious or wait was it precocious? I know you probably have all the writing planned out for the next ten years. Could you contrive a story about her and could she find love with a child of the Huxtables, Bedwyn, or any of survivors? I have often wondered how Toby would adjust in his adult life. Thanks for your consideration.

    June Hart Rio Rancho NM United States
  • Hola! he leído varias veces las series Simplemente, Familia Bedwyn. Tambien leí las series Huxtables y Amantes. Como me gustaron tanto las dos primeras series que mencioné quise leer la historia de Lady Muir, por lo que leí "Survivor´s Club"usando el traductor de google de la app play libros; me encantaron los ocho libros leidos, ahora me gustaría saber si tienes un libro que cuente la historia de la hija de Joseph, marques de Attingsborough, Lizzie, la niña ciega, en su vida adulta. Un libro con su historia seria muy interesante, me gusta cuando aparecen personajes de otros libros. Solo espero una respuesta a mi comentario, no que lo subas a la web. Te felicito por tu capacidad de escribir novelas históricas con tanta inspiración.

    Maria Castro Santiago Chile
  • You have quickly become my favorite romance writer. I look forward to reading all of your series. I read them and enjoy listening to them through Audible. However, I cannot seem to find the Bedwyn Prequels available in Audible, though. Will they be in the future?

    Jennifer Barnasevitch Beaver Meadows, PA USA
  • I love all your books, I have reread over the years, but I am really enjoying the Westcotts and I am hanging out for Harry's story. Like all your other family books, the stories are great. Thanks for a good read and enjoyable escape into another time. Patricia Paradies

    Patricia Paradies Brisbane Queensland Australia.
  • Your books are wonderful, but the one I've never been able to get enough of, no matter how many times I read it, is Only A Kiss. Those characters are so incredibly fleshed out that I think they deserve an entire mini-series. Or a TV series. I would love to know how they actually handle their challenges during the marriage. Would you ever write a sequel? Perhaps it would not fit withing the traditional romance genre, but it would be absolutely fascinating. The themes of depression, PTSD, existential crises are all weaved in seamlessly and I've never read another book that has been able to do that without becoming heavy-handed. So thank you for Only A Kiss!

    Alisha Kareem Mumbai India
  • I would love to have Someone to Wed if I win.🤗🙏🏽

    Editha Thompson 990 County Road 68 Killen, AL 35645 United States
  • Thank you Mary for all your wonderful stories, when I retired five years ago I decided to start reading again, the first book I selected was “The Proposal”....I fell in love. I had actually never read any of your books prior to that, in fact I had not heard of you until I picked up that book. That was the first of many, you have created a reading monster who stays up to many nights to finish a book. Thank you and please keep writing.

    Cindy Wojciaczyk Lady Lake, Florida USA
  • In your book "A Summer To Remember" - whatever happened to Kit's younger brother Syd? The one who was captured, tortured and was left disabled. I remember you portrayed him as an artist. Being disabled myself, I would love to read his story and see how he learns to live again in spite of his physical and emotional wounds. Does he fall in love and learn a whole new way to paint his landscapes in spite of his challenges? I so hope you wrote his story. If so, which one is it? Kind Regards, Elaine in Tallahassee, FL   Sydnam Butler's story is told in SIMPLY LOVE --Mary Balogh

    Elaine Ries Tallahassee US
  • My sister and I are huge fans of your books. We live a thousand miles apart (she's in BC) and yet we individually found you and loved your writing. On one of our many long phone calls, we found out that we were both fans and now discuss and compare each book we read. Last year we took a "sister trip" to London and Bath and saw many of your settings. Now when we read we can visualize Hyde Park, and the Assembly Rooms etc. Thanks for the many hours of enjoyment you have given us!

    Andrea Nikkel Linden Manitoba
  • I had read some Jack White books that he categorized as historical fiction. I enjoyed them very much. When I went to the library I discovered they had a whole section of Historical Fiction so I picked one at random. It was one of the Bedwyn series. I enjoyed it enough to check out the bio and found you came from my family's neck of the woods. My family roots go to Hay, Breconshire. My mother's great grandfather George Surmon Jenkins was born in 1850, the period around some of your writings. Way too many coincidences, so I read some more. I love the knowledge I have gained from the vocabulary you have introduced me to. Keep writing and I will keep reading.

    Bill Gawley White Rock, B.C. Canada
  • I'd love your new book "Someone to Trust"!

    Carol Thomson Suisun City CA USA
  • I love reading your books. I started with the Bedwyns, and have read and collected most of your books, and an eagerly waiting for Someone to Trust. I am trying to collect all your older books which are now available on Kindle, too. On your beautiful website, there are 2 books listed - Christmas Gifts & Christmas Miracles. Unfortunately, I cant find them on amazon, paperback or Kindle. Most of the others I already have, and will get as i finish reading those I already have. These two, I would love to read.. but..cant find. Please do re-issue them, on Kindle, so that those who came in late can also read them! (Kindle didnt come to India till very recently). Thanks a lot for many enjoyable hours of reading Pleasure!

    Samhita Pandya Mumbai India
  • Love The Survivors Club.

    Editha Thompson Killen, AL USA
  • My 94 year old mother and I love your books and look forward to the next one!

    Judith Jackson Walkersville, MD USA
  • I was completely new to Romance novels infact i preferred darker themed graphic novels until i read "The Devils Web" a month back. This book changed lots of things for me and unbelievably i have been reading the same book multiple times now sometimes reading and re-reading the pages as if i can find some new meaning to the interactions and why the main character behaves in a certain way. I m fascinated by the hero of the novel and feel he is the most complex character i have ever read till now. I m curious about how the author pictured him in her mind and if there is a real life inspiration for this character. There is so much feeling involved and I find myself drawn to the world of the hero and the heroine of this book. I hope and pray there is a sequel to their story - something like where both of them fight against the whole world for their love. I cannot believe i have turned into such a romantic after reading this novel. Wonder what will happen if i read more ! Sigh! Also thank you so much Mary for writing this amazing novel. I cannot express my feelings enough when i tell you how your novel helped me get over a personal tragedy and made me to look forward to experience love all over again. Thank you.

    Mrina Deshpande Las Vegas United States
  • Ms. Balogh, I am in the middle of reading Someone to Trust, Book 5 of the Westcott series and I wanted to tell you just how much I've enjoyed reading all your books throughout the years. I periodically go back and read your books and series whenever I just want to read something that is really good and that I know I will enjoy. The Survivor's series remains my personal favorite but after, I downloaded Dancing with Clara because I didn't have it, I found that it is an absolutely wonderful story! So often authors don't write about people who have handicaps but this book was so well done that I was enthralled with the story. Freddie had a lesson to learn and Clara had the courage to do something she wanted to do, event though she knew what he planned. I loved her determination! You have given me so much pleasure that I want to thank you and let you know that I consider you a friend after the past 30 or so years that I've been reading your books. As I've gotten older I appreciate having a Kindle because, I have all of my favorite authors/friends with me along with a full collections of their books. Thank you, for your contributions to my reading pleasure. I look forward to your next book with great expectations of enjoyment. Thank you! - I love the picture of your grand-daughters!

    Charleen Bailey Richmond US
  • Will you be updating the Westcott family tree, with all the subsequent marriages and births in the last few books? Will you make a tree for the Radley, Handritch and Lamarr families? I really love the detailed tree that you have made. Family trees in books are my second favorite thing to be included in a book. (1st is stepbacks). Family trees really help me get a sense of the characters and how they all realte to one another, especially in series about families or closely related groups. I have really enjoyed all your numerous books and series. I hope you stay in the Westcott world for several more books.

    Elizabeth Brown Spring Valley United States
  • Hi Mary,I've just read no 5 in your Wescott series,it was great,Is there going to be a sixth,I hope there is,cheers

    Sally Stuart Aviemore Scotland
  • Mary, you have long been my favorite Romance writer. I love all your books, especially the series books. I can't even choose my favorite!!! I wish there was a way to get notifications from you about upcoming books, but I can't find anything. Keep up the great writing!

    DIANE NICOLAI Whiteford, Marylad USA
  • I got the most pleasant surprise at my local Barnes and Noble Thursday. Somehow I had missed seeing that Someone to Trust came out on Nov. 27 - don't know how I missed it but I did. As soon as I saw the cover I knew it was your book. Your covers are always wonderful - they complement the book perfectly.

    Jane Lewis Burlington North Carolina United States
  • Dear Mary I have just finished Someone to Love and as always found it a wonderful read. The characters were so engaging and I can hardly wait to read the next in the series. Have you decided whose story will be next and when do you anticipate it will be published? I found it really helpful to have the family tree at the start of the book to enable readers to work out all the familial connections. However I hope you do not mind me asking but is there not a typing error in relation to Marcel’s date of birth. In the family tree this is stated to be 1770 ans Viola’s date of birth is stated to be 1772. However as the late earl died in 1811 and Marcel was celebrating his 40th birthday around the time they became reacquainted this would have made it 1810 when they met. Also I seem to recall that Viola was slightly older than Marcel and as the action in Someone to Care takes place towards the end of 1813 should his date of birth not be shown as 1773 or 1774? I have gradually been trying to read those of your older books that have been reissued in e book format. However there still seem to be a significant number that have not yet been published in this format. I am of course very keen to read these and wonder if you are aware whether or not these are likely to be published. I have managed to procure copies of the Slightly and Simply series in paperback but some of the others are quite hard to source. Many thanks for all the pleasure you have brought me and all your other fans. Kate

    Kate Marshall Edinburgh UK
  • Mary Balogh is God's gift to readers of education, experience and discrimination. Thank you, Ms. Balogh; I will never again allow a Mary Balogh book to escape the confines of my home. Your exquisite novels are the ultimate in reading delights. They are the absolute tops of my Keepers Shelf.

    DOLORES MONACO Pensacola United States
  • I love ALL your books. I am currently reading 'Someone To Trust' and I am wondering where you got the name Withington. It was my maiden name, and my ancestors came to the USA from the Lancashire area of England. Are you any relation or did you just pick the name at random? Whatever - keep on writing these wonderful stories and series!!

    Gretchen Armato Santa Barbara United States
  • Mary Balogh, While I have read practically all your books I have been able to get my hands on, for some reason, I keep returning to "Unforgiven," When I first read it, I was much younger, and I was unable to understand the constant tension and friction both Kenneth and Moira had in their relationship. Even after they got married and were thinking about making their marriage work, I didn't understand the friction. I finished reading at the time and I went back again to read it once more, I still didn't get it. But I absolutely loved the trope of childhood loves/friends having some misunderstanding and reuniting. Plus your masterful writing and deep exploration of hurt emotions and conflict kept me coming back to this book. I finally understand where that underlying tension and friction was from, when I read it again as I just turned 25. I guess I'm old enough to understand why they were constantly fighting and that underneath that constant conflict, was love. They both loved each other and had probably never stopped. It transformed the entire way I looked at that book and those characters because while I logically understood their feelings and actions, It finally clicked for me emotionally where their actions were coming from. They were all coming from their love for each other, whether it was the resentment, the hatred, the constant fighting, it was all because they cared for each other and simply had too much pride and fear of possible hurt feelings to express that love to each other openly. It took me years to understand that undercurrent of love, but now I do and I adore that book even more. After rambling away like this, all I want to say is, please KEEP writing! Your books give me joy and solace. I keep coming back to them over and over again. I deeply admire your characterizations. And I want you to know that your books make a difference. There have been countless times where they have given me some bit of wisdom that I have not gleaned before. So, I'm going to selfishly ask you to keep writing. And I can't wait for Abby's book in the westcott series. And would sincerely implore you to write Winifred's book. She is such an endearing and precious child! I would love to read about her as an adult.

    Shai Amin Texas United States
  • I am almost finished Someone to Trust. I want Lady Matilda Westcott to have a happy ending, not a full book but a side story. She is so supportive of Elizabeth. I am a long time reader. Mary, I owe all the books you have written purchased when published. I just regret I have to wait almost a year for Someone to Honor. I will just reread the ebooks when published as well as some of he others.

    Kathleen Smith Wilmington, Delaware United States
  • Just finished reading bk. #5 in the Westcott series and anxiously awaiting news if there will be book #6 Every time a new book is issued I go back and begin reading from book #1. I have so many of your books that I need a separate plastic storage container in which to store them.

    Priscilla Agin PRISCILLA A. USA
  • Somewhere I read women's fiction described as "soft porn for women." Well, that depends: I was reared with the belief that sex is one of God's most beautiful gifts to His human children. Mary Balogh's sex scenes capture that truth in its essence. There is never anything gross or distasteful in Mary Balogh's sex scenes; in them she captures all the beauty and meaning and emotional depth our Maker intended sex and the body to convey to the human spirit. A parent guiding his/her children through puberty would do well to supply young women (and older ones, too) and even boys,* with Mary Balogh novels. As a passionate devotee of the riches of the English language I cannot fault a single instance of Ms. Balogh's writing. Anyone, of any age nurtured on Mary Balogh books can only gain the very best of what English has to offer. I cannot say that I am fluent in any other language, but I do have enough French (2 years each high school and college study of that language) to read it with understanding. In my view our English language is not only beautiful in itself, but also in its role in the human development of western European history, going back beyond Time, (witness the prehistoric cave paintings in southern France.) In any case, I contend that Mary Balogh's novels enrich the total Reader, mind, body and spirit. I am grateful that, at age 81, I have discovered her creations and look forward to more to come. Keep those arteries healthy, Mary -- WE NEED YOU! P.S. I have a beloved male cousin, age 80, who reads romance novels. I can hardly wait to send him a copy of one of my favorite Mary Balogh books. I know he will be as delighted with this author's creations as I am.

    Dolores Monaco Pensacola, Florida, USA U.S.A.
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  • Regency books are my Linus blanket. Recently I have started re-reading the ones I've kept over the years. I think it shows how good an author is if you can read her books one after the other. Right now I am reading and enjoying the 20 or so I have of yours. I'm missing some in each series - I suppose the ones I read as library books. Today I looked you up on line, hoping to find some new ones, and am pleasantly surprised to see there are many I've missed! I think it's time I thanked you for all the hours and days you've entertained me. I was a little annoyed in the nineties when Regencies started to add sex scenes as they seemed too far a separation from what Georgette Heyer had done and not appropriate to the era. And they can get really boring. I heard that authors have to add so many per book whether they wanted to or not. I commend you for doing it well. I'm a failed author. In the early nineties, I decided I could write one better than some on the market. I had written first draft of about 6 chapters before I spent a couple of weeks in London doing research and collecting books on the era. I spent money photocopying from microfilm. I came back to Canada and put it all on a shelf where it still stays. I thought I might be okay with dialogue but plot defeated me. I wish I had read your blog then. Maybe I would have kept trying. And maybe I should have given up on the historical events I wanted to include. Thank you again for the worlds you create for our pleasure. I know how difficult it can be.

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  • Hello Mary, I just finished reading Someone To Trust and I loved it. Your stories always leave me feeling good. The characters are so real and I finish a book feeling like they are my family. I am hoping that Elizabeth and Colin's story will continue in a future book. There is so much more I want to know about them. I am quite certain they will grow in love and have a happy marriage, but it would be interested in seeing how the relationship with his mother and sister Lady Elwood plays out. I'd also love a book on Lady Elwood and Sir Nelson. I would love them to have a happily ever after too. I can't believe that there isn't a kind, soft heart in there somewhere after she alerted Colin to his mothers plans. I can't wait for Elizabeth and Colin to have children. Sorry, see what I mean? I can't help but get invested in your characters and their lives. It is wonderful to pick up one of your books and be transported to a lovely world of love, romance and happy endings. Thank you for your beautiful stories!!

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  • Hi Mary! I love your books - mostly the Bedwyn series, and the Simply series. The connections between the books just make it so much fun to read as it allows one to think this is a real family! Is there any possibility of your adding another series to the Bedwyn series, possibly with the next generation? These people are almost real to me and I want to know what happens next! Do all the couples stay together? What happens to the aunts and uncles before they die? Who do they leave their estates to? What happens with the girls school in Bath? Which of the current teachers gets married and leaves the school? When does Claudia really find out who her benefactor is? I love the way Wulf so accepts his new in-laws (both men and women) that he goes to bat for them to get answers to their past and to protect them in the future! Awesome! Please divine some more stories for these intriguing characters! We are dying over here - wanting to know what happens next! All the best from one of your fans! Lorrie

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  • Such a pleasure to sit quietly on a weekend with one of your works. I have been an avid fan for years. While No Man's Mistress was my first many moons ago, Truly has been my all time favorite.

    Amy Dean Oak Hill, West Virginia USA
  • I started on the Slightly series, just by chance. Aiden was first and then....Wulfric and Christine (sigh!) my favorite of all time characters! I think I've read it over 10 times at least and then of course any Mary Balough book I could get my hands on. So many treasures I have discovered among them! Thank you so much for so many hours of enjoyable characters and stories.

    Laurie ODonnell Westchester, IL USA
  • I love reading and listening to your books, waiting on next book in Westcott family and love to heard if Elizabeth and Collin had any children . Please keep writing also about the Bedwyn family. Thank you

  • Adore your books! I discovered your books a couple of years ago in my early twenties and they have all become favourites since. Slightly Married was my first read and got me hooked on the rest. I love nothing more than saving up and buying your paperbacks to add to my collection. Your books are just so comforting to read. Thank you for creating brilliant stories and characters l love!!!

    Tamara A. NSW Australia
  • I just love all your books Mary love the Slightly Dangerous book i have a lot of your books in h/b but no more room for then so going to Kindle

    Barbara Pearman Portsmouth UK
  • Yes, sigh! It's me again, Ms. Balogh -- I must confess your novels provoke almost a burden of superlatives in me and test every linguistic tool in my mental cupboard to express myself where your achievements are concerned. OK, I admit it -- I am a conceited, intellectual snob; I have an extremely high I.Q. from which I have derived enormous pride and pleasure ever since I encountered Thornton W. Burgess's Mrs. Peter Rabbit at age 8-9 [too bad this website doesn't furnish me with the italics I would otherwise use here -- and yes, I am also 'picky' about the marvels of the English language! But perish the thought that I might be criticizing you for that deficiency -- your website undoubtedly "cost a pretty penny," deservedly so, and I am so grateful to you for it] and have delighted in feeding that mind with voracious reading ever since -- not just with reading and formal education (M.A. in Theatre* from one of this nation's great universities, UNIV. OF ILLINOIS Urbana-Champaign) but also extensive travel in this country, the British Isles and western Europe. And lest anyone scoff at the acquisition of a THEATRE* education, allow me to inform anyone and everyone that that subject encompasses all the cultural riches of western civilization (as well as much of that of Asia -- I did a paper on Oriental theatre in graduate school,) starting with the prehistoric cave paintings in Southern France. I have never found any companionship equal to the riches of my own beautiful, well-tended mind, although I would not have missed my two marriages for "all the tea in China," for want of a better comparison! And by gosh and by golly -- NOBODY, BUT NOBODY can equal the stratospheric quality of Ms. Balogh's prodigious output on the period of exquisite intelligence, manners and customs that constitutes the English Regency. Ms. Balogh rightly chose that era for her expertise, to my unending delight. Lest I wander into the arena of the trite, I elect now to exit this message in order to return to the delights of my latest Balogh novel and the thoroughly scrumptious mental and emotional feast that Ms. Balogh never fails to deliver. [Sorry, Ms. Balogh, I simply cannot contain my gratitude and enthusiasm where your works are concerned. And believe me, I DO (italics, again) KNOW what agonizing labor crafting English and any other [well, I can do a very small bit of French -- just enough to appreciate the way interpreting a British heritage into smooth, satisfying prose can be -- not to minimize the creation and development of all your delicious characters! Sigh! There I go again, with what my teachers denounced as "run-on" sentences. Oh well, I suppose warning you "not to look a gift horse in the mouth" applies here . . . . Mm. Now for that cup of hot chocolate mixed with coffee that constitutes the ultimate "pick-up" for me, with the possible exception of my gin and tonic at the end of the day. Well, perhaps "pick-up" isn't the correct choice of words for G&T's soothing effects on my psyche. *I absolutely refuse to accept the way the low-lifes of the U.S. have chosen to denude our beautiful English words of their historical (Norman French) spellings and other marvels.

    Dolores Monaco Pensacola, FL (the asshole end of the intellectual earth U. S.
  • Just read quite a few of your guest book entries. I am unable to come up with anything to say about your stories or your writing skills that has not already been better said. I do want you to know that this one old lady (me) in Tennessee, USA loves your books & admires your writing abilities & looks very forward to each new publication. I wish you every happiness in life - you bring so much pleasure & enjoyment to so many through your work. Thank you so very much.

    Debra Pritchett TN United States
  • Loved, loved, loved every minute of reading *Longing.* It was clearly a labor of love with a setting so close to your heart. Since retiring from teaching, I am enjoying the increased amount of time I have to read, and your books are a part of that pleasure. Longing may be my favorite so far. Thank you!

    Dara Frazier TX United States
  • . . . . Another sleepless night, Mrs. Balogh, because your romances -- the intensity of the feelings between the man and woman -- pull the heart strings taut to the point of pain . . . .

    Dolores Monaco Pensacola, FL U.S.
  • I just finished “A Very Special Christmas”. It’s one of those books that you are disappointed there are no more stories. I was especially moved by the emotions of Christmases past when the celebration of Christ’s birth was treated the solemnity and deference it deserved. This book was especially in contrast to some of the books I have read in the last year that have had stories how “woke” they are. An author wants to apply societal norms of today in HISTORICAL romance novels does not provide for good reading. They were them, we are us. That was then, this is now. If I wanted contemporary stories, I would read them. Thank you for providing the reading I enjoy.

    Lewana Shearer Carencro, LA United States
  • Mary, from the first time I ever read one of your books, you have been my #1 Romance novelist! Still! I am enjoying reading the new re-issues in electronic form as well. I have to tell you, though, your writing has matured and blossomed over the years. Your early books are wonderful, but your current/recent novels show so much more depth. I love all your wonderful series and would NEVER in a million years be able to choose a favorite. Survivor series? Simply series? Someone series? Each one is spectacular and I hate it when the series ends. But, thank goodness, you keep writing and creating anew!!! Thank you so much 🙂

    Diane Nicolai Whiteford, MD USA
  • I was blinded at 18 by a gun accident, so have totally enjoyed listening to the Survivor series, and especially about Vincent, Viscount Darleigh. I am just now reading "The Arrangement" in Word format using a screen reader and would like to pass along one observation. Though you capture blindness and my own feelings regarding it as a challenge rather than handicap, total blindness for a once sighted person is not blackness or darkness. I see many light patterns in my minds eye, and still dream visually. In fact, sometimes it would be refreshing to not see constant, swirling patterns in my imagination as they can get distracting. Beyond the entertaining, romantic and erotic quality of your stories, I have enjoyed your grasp of the emotional and physical challenges which your characters have faced and overcome. Vincent touched on my own situation so many decades ago. Keep up the great work.

    Brian Gage Brian Gage
  • Dear Mrs. Balogh, PLEASE do not impose upon my battered 82-year-old spirits any more hook-nosed, amputated and/or disfigured heroes. I am not by any means imploring the impossibly drop-dead gorgeous men of many, perhaps most, romance novels -- just REQUESTING nothing so trying as Sydnam Butler, poor man. Allow me at least the fantasy of the ORDINARY, even moderate (is modest the term I am seeking here?) in appearance. (I resort to capital letters because your website does not provide italics -- not complaining, mind you, just explaining. CAPITAL LETTERS do seem, even to me, the writer, rather like shouting, and I have learned they do denote shouting to many folks -- although that's someone else's rule, which I do not accept. But then, I have never been one meekly to submit to arbitrary rules set outside myself -- as my beleaguered parents learned to their despair. sigh. (Ah, at last! My computer -- or perhaps your website -- allow me to use CAPITAL LETTERS for emphasis in some cases as well as permitting that use without the baggage many, even most, attach to them when written. Um. Well, that's my diatribe for now -- back to a second reading of SOMEONE TO TRUST and the simply marvelous soul-soothing pleasures of an utterly splendid book and author! By the way, I prefer British spellings as the ONLY correct version of the English language, but something in my computer settings isn't permitting that without an annoying red line beneath the British-spelled word. Oh well, perhaps computers HAVE come to rule the earth . . . .

    Dolores Monaco Pensacola Florida
  • Yep, just as I figured -- the only possible choice at Barnes & Noble after exhausting all your titles on the shelf is an author who has so little respect for her readers and the Regency period as to dispense with any pretense of authenticity whatever. Fortunately, I assured myself when I paid for the three I selected in desperation today that I could return them and get my money back. Sigh! So much more satisfying to go back to the dozen or so Balogh titles on my shelf and delight in re-reading them. Fortunately for me, you have been a prolific author. In my own interest I must soon conduct a more diligent search through your many titles in order to settle on some not locally available that I can order through B&N. I discovered Georgette Heyer in the 1950s and was delighted to find that same meticulous care for character and period in your books, along with generous doses of tasteful sexual episodes. Rather than settle for a poor "knock-off' I may as well go back to a Texas novelist who is at least rooted in her locale and moreover has enough respect for herself and her readers to stick to it. Unfortunately, that author doesn't always 'hit the mark' on the heart strings where I'm concerned. as you never fail to do. I am going to add something deeply personal here and tell you that I suffer from hereditary Major Depression but have overcome that with God's help, a decade of psychological counseling and my Catholic faith. I happily live alone with two sweet cats and subsist on a meager Social Security pension. Reading top notch fiction like that which you create contributes mightily to my satisfaction in my circumstances and overall well-being. At the risk of conceit I can tell you that I possess an extremely high I.Q., a hungry mind that would devour me had I not fed and watered it daily since my earliest memories in the crib. Since that time my intellect and imagination and the splendid education I diligently sought have enriched my life beyond measure. In my determination to leave behind an ignorant Southern rural heritage I went at self-education 'hammer and tongs' starting in my early teens with Great Books like Ivanhoe, War and Peace, Madame Bovary (oof! depressing!) and other classics. Looking over the list of your many titles is such a consolation, along with an awareness that you do not repeat yourself. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Believe me, I know enough about writing to recognize that it's hard work. As Winston Churchill, one of the two heroes of my life* expressed his determination to save the civilized world from Nazism, writing demands "blood, sweat, tears and toil." *Rosa Parks, the black lady who refused to give up her seat to a white man on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama and sparked the dismantling of segregation, is my other hero.

    Dolores Monaco Pensacola, Florida U.S.A.
  • I grew up the daughter of a brutal "self-made" businessman with little regard for higher education and those fortunate enough to obtain it. (Ha! I got it anyway and still rejoice in the riches that education continues to impart to my solitary days -- well, I DO live with two sweet cats, too.) At age 14 I was reading The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, the Kiplinger Newsletter, the Kiplinger Florida Newsletter and heaven knows what other business publications to which my father subscribed. And I did get an M.A. in Theatre with a specialty in costume design and construction for the professional theatre as a more practical outlet for my inclinations than simply studying acting might have been. SO: I really appreciate what I surmise is a very large financial investment you have made in your website. I applaud your sagacity as well as your splendid creative accomplishments in writing. For one thing, your website is most helpful in ferreting out your novels that I do not already possess. God knows none of your works escape from my Keepers shelf but remain there for a second, third and -- anyway, I trust you get my drift. I already have 19 of your works on that Keepers shelf and can hardly wait until my next Social Security check arrives on the 3rd of June so I can acquire more. And yes, I am that 82-year-old lady living alone with two sweet cats who needs your delightful works for what has already been a rich, satisfying (though NOT painless) life. The splendid literary quality of your writing helps enormously to keep my avid brain in tune. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! And, uh, please keep producing. Perhaps I should add that I also deeply appreciate your attention to scholarship in the English Regency period. Your have certainly done -- and no doubt still do -- your "homework" in researching and studying its history. Personally, even as a teenager, I felt something missing in Georgette Heyer's novels -- YES!!! SEX!! And you do that crucial area of human life so beautifully!

    Dolores Monaco Pensacola, Florida U.S.A.
  • I have just been reading the messages in your guest book and find others have expressed their love for your books in every way possible better than I can. With Barbara Metzger you come closest to my favourite author Georgette Heyer than others that I also enjoy and each series I come to the end of leaves me very sad. I have the next two westcotts already ordered and can't wait. There is a great problem for me here in England tho' and that is so many of your books are not in Kindle and I regret each one I am missing so much. Is the problem different publishers or what? The last 6 Bedwyns ,where it really is the family, I have just ordered in paperback but they are a struggle 'cos I can't alter the print size and as I get older that gets worse. So every 6 months or so I go through to see if there are any more in Kindle because I ache to think of what I am missing. Thank you so much for what I have , to think I could have missed Lily or Vincent or so many more wonderful people. I will continue to buy what I can get and again thankyou for sharing your imagination and your family. Regards and hopes you can convince the publishers, Anna Barnes

    anna barnes northumberland england
  • Hello Mary, I love all your stories and can't wait for Someone to Honor to come out, so glad it is on kindle. I keep waiting and hoping that the Bedwyn Series will be brought out on Kindle also, Is there any chance this might happen? New website is very modern and up to date, looks very good. All the best, keep supplying us with lovely stories to fill our leisure hours. Christine

    Christine Capon london England
  • I have been a fan of yours for years and have read and reread all of your books with exception of one or two of your earliest books. All of your Christmas stories I read annually. It's my rite of Christmas. I just finished rereading Indiscreet (which I have probably read at least 5 times) and I come away with a question each time. Did you ever write a follow-up story for Horatia Eckert? I've always felt she needs her own story. If you have written one or included her story in another book , please tell me the name. Am I the only one who has asked this?

    Barbara Vescovo Smithville USA
  • I am currently reading the last of the Someone books that are available at this time. ..TRUST, and have found one of my wishes granted. Wren & Alexander gifting a piece of the special glass for Christmas. I am hoping that the Wescotts get to tour the facilities in the books too. I am fascinated with the acceptance of women in business and the aristocracy during the Regency period. I found a fun parallel with Wulfric and Avery and their affectation with the half risen quizzing glasses...and the variety. Love your books. I have 2 bookshelves full and some on Kindle.

    Dayl Salamanca CA United States
  • Dear Mary, I have been re-reading the Westcott series while waiting (ehm, counting down the days, actually) for the next one to come out and it struck me again how talented you are at writing secondary characters. Such a name is inappropriate to describe the ones in your books, in fact. They never feel like they are in the background, mere shadows moving about behind the scenes while the real action takes places between the two main characters on the stage. They are a tangible presence, enriching each page and making the romance more vivid. I love that chapter in "Someone to Care" when all the Westcotts and various in-laws get their invitations to Lady Estelle's party and everyone sends their acceptance. I can almost hear their voices reading the letters and debating whether or not to go, all the while knowing perfectly well that they won't be able to keep away. All those people, all those names... and you write them beautifully. It truly is a gift. The downside is, of course, that the avarage reader (that would be me, for one) cannot help but becoming very invested in said "secondary" characters, and hoping that they will somehow find their way into a book or a novella of their own. There are no words to say how happy I was to find out that you're planning a book about Matilda: I've had a soft spot for her ever since she encouraged Elizabeth to follow her heart. At the same time, I wonder about the Lamarr twins. Bertrand is pure hero material... What a delight it would be to read his story! His troubled childhood, his strict upbringing, the high standards of honour to which he holds himself - all that could fill a book and fulfill some lady's dreams of happiness, I have no doubts. Estelle was such a pleasure to read, this little bird spreading her wings for the first time and taking flight. I wonder where she could fly to, how her life would change with a whole new family and perhaps, in the future, someone special to love. I even wonder about Araminta Scott, Elizabeth's friend who made the most fleeting of appearances in "Someone to Trust": what would she do with her freedom, and would she even think of her situation as such, given that she lost a beloved parent? My thoughts are running away with me. I guess what I really want to say is that this is the reason why I read, and why I read your books. It's never just the one story. It's thousands of other stories you can read or fantasize about, and they are all in a book, all in those pages, if you find the time to read them, and read beyond them. Thank you.

    Lily Z. Italy Italy
  • Hi, Mary, I love your books, they are perfect. I can not wait for all your books to be released in Brazil. Thank you. You're a perfect author.

    Victoria Souza Pernambuco Brasil
  • Hello Mary, I hope you are well and enjoying the beginning of the Summer Solstice. We have received timely moisture as there was the threat of drought. I am currently re-reading “A Christmas Bride” and I was pleasantly shocked to discover Lady Helena Stapleton was Gerald Stapleton’s evil step-mother. I had not realized this until today. “The Precious Pearl” is one of favourite books and I now understand why Gerald was such an untrusting fellow. I absolutely enjoy when you feature characters in other books, the stories are real and it amazes me when fate intervenes, such as the fate of Lady Muir in “The Proposal”. The Duke of Bedwyn helped Hugo out of a sticky situation. I look forward in buying the next instalment of the Westcott series and I keep looking for your older books to add to my collection. I believe in fate, how small encounters shape our lives and destiny! Please keep writing your wonderful books and may God keep you well!

    Gloria Chmilar Mundare, AB Canada
  • Hi Mary, thank you for your beautiful books. I am in awe of how you create your characters, how carefully you describe their unique qualities, how they complement each other, how each character's independent story weaves them together to form their unique bond. I have lost count how many of your books I have read but I can tell you, every time I get into another story I am blown away at how delicately you have done it yet again. Thank you, thank you. Your books are a joy to read.

    Maria L Ontario Canada
  • I love your writing. I love your insight into the way people are. You give them such depth in all shades of gray, through conversations, through thoughts, through their reactions to situations, through the learning they sometime have to do. Even the minor characters are given this depth. You know how people work, how they are. Your writing is a beautiful mix of conversation, description, seriousness, and humor. I always like the set up in which the story is told from both the perspectives of the relationship-to-be. What a wonderful talent you have! I will keep reading and rereading your books!

    Sietske S. W The Netherlands
  • You are my favorite writer! I started reading your books after I got my Kindle Fire and I have enjoyed them so much. I really can't decide which is my favorite - the Survivor Series, the Huxtable Series, the Bedwyn Saga, ......just ALL of them! Once I start a book, I can't put it down. I look forward to many more enjoyable hours with you and your books. Sincerely, Gwen DeGruccio

    Gwen DeGruccio Hot Springs, AR USA
  • OMG. what can I say! I love, love your books. Cant say in words how they make me feel. I start reading and immerse myself in the characters and the story. I feel I am there with them, living their life, feeling what they are feeling.. Right now I'm reading Longing. Absolutely fabulous! Thank you so much for your beautiful stories......

    aleida martinez Pembroke Pines, Florida USA
  • Love the new website, but I miss the epilogues you wrote for some of your books. I have all your books, except "The Trysting Place." Are there place to reissue this title?

    Carol Pierce Feith Wharton New Jersey
  • HI! just wanted to send some love for all the wonderful books you gave us. After falling in love with jane austen, at the age of 11, I am always searching for authors and stories in that direction. Pregnant with my third child, the nausea and vomitting was severe, but reading 16 of your books saved me! thanks a thousand, please never stop! With love from Zurich

    Mirjam Haymann Zurich Switzerland
  • Thank you so much for sharing your talent of writing the most beautiful, heart warming novels. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your novels. The Bedwyn sagas I have read three times and I am sure I will read them several more times. I laugh and I cry every time. I have purchased the Simply Quartet novels, Survivors Club and The Huxtables Quintet I am about to purchase the Wescotts. I have been a fan of yours since 2003. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you once more.

    Linda Smith Linda Smith
  • Love your books. I enjoy reading historical romance stories . Just finished “someone to care” and wondered if there are going to be more of the westcott family as I have read them all. I read the horseman trilogy and really enjoyed it. Thank you - Joan Marchand

    Joan Marchand Chilliwack, B.C. Canada
  • You are my favorite regency romance author, and I often read and then re-read your books several times. The Survivors Club is my favorite series, but the Westcott series is quickly moving up in my estimation. I can't wait to read all the books in the finished series. I must admit, however, that Slightly Dangerous from the Bedwin series is my favorite book. I have a favor to ask, though. In your Westcott series, could you please give Aunt Matilda a husband in a subplot in one of the books. I've read all the books in the series so far twice now, and she's one of my favorite peripheral characters. I just feel for someone who has given up her life for her mother, and she has a romantic streak in her that I think should be rewarded with her own little love story. If you've already decided to do this, thank you. If not, please give it some consideration. Thanks very much.

    Melinda Sherbs Pataskala, Ohio U.S.A.
  • I have read most if not all your books and I love them! I especially like that the protagonists aren't necessarily the typical handsome men and beautiful women of romance novels. They have interesting stories and explanations for why they are the way they are. As soon as I read one of your books I'm eagerly awaiting the publication of the next one! Please keep writing - and thank you for so many hours of pleasure!

    Sharilyn Hetzke Sharilyn Hetzke
  • I just finished reading Someone to Honor--what a wonderful book! I have thoroughly enjoyed the Westcott series, as I have your other ones (especially The Survivors' Club, The Simply series and The Bedwyn series (love Wulfric!)), as well as your stand-alones. You have such a way of drawing your readers into your books so that the characters become personal. I was intrigued to find out that the next Westcott book was about Lady Matilda Westcott--I look forward to reading it! Thank you for providing hours of pleasurable reading!

    Linda Cruz LA United States
  • I fell in love with More Than a Mistress and hope to listen to more of them. I am limited in what I can listen to since I am blind and need to listen via Books on Tape or a CD from the library.

    Robin Moore Hayward, California United States of America
  • Dear Mary, With many of my favorite authors, I can easily describe what it is I enjoy in their books, whether it's excellent humor or interesting historical details or exciting plot twists. What makes your books special for me is that I cannot put my finger on anything specific—I only know that I remember them long after reading and feel compelled to revisit many of your stories, neither of which I can say for most books I read. Irresistible is (again, for reasons I can't quite describe) probably my favorite historical romance, and it's the only one I've ever reread; there are so many good books out there, I rarely feel justified in repeat reads! I have thoroughly enjoyed all your major series, and I look forward to dipping into more of your back catalog of stand-alones over time. That you continue to create new and compelling stories is a pleasure and an inspiration ... and a bit of a distraction! I'm currently slogging through my first attempt at a romance, and Someone to Honor is calling my name, so I suppose I should stop commenting here and get some work done so I can get back to reading.

    Kristin Young Athol, MA United States
  • Thank you for the Survivor series. I believe that may be the best work of romance fiction I have ever read. The characters are truly unique, deep, and completely brought to life. Just awesome.

    Ann Barden Colorado Springs, CO USA
  • Hello Mary, I had to rush out and buy your latest in the Westcott book series, " Someone to Honor". As usual, it was fabulous! Once again fate has brought two injured souls together and Gil achieves his dream of home and family. He certainly gets more than he bargained when he married Abby but that's what you get when you marry into the Westcott tribe. I truly believe in fate as this is how it happens in real life, when you least expect it our soul mate enters our life. Something triggered Gil and Abby to reach out and the connection was made. I am looking forward in reading Matilda and Charles story in November and I hope Harry's story is in the works. Your stories inspire me and I thank you Mary, for your compassion and belief in the human spirit to overcome almost all obstacles. It is actually love that heals all things, and time.

    Gloria Chmilar Mundare, AB Canada
  • I was in the bed and flat on my back (which is not an acceptable way of life for me) after my spine turned traitor. Your novels kept me sane! I also found Lora Leigh very helpful. Between the two of you I managed not to go insane. Thank You, Linda

    Linda Allen Larue, Tx. USA
  • Hi Mary, I just finished Someone to Honor and now I am waiting until November when Matilda's book comes out. I had to jump back on Amazon to learn that Gil's dad has a past with her. Perhaps she is not the bore that I thought. I was actually going to skip her book, but I have just pre-ordered it...I am so excited. Don't stop. We need to hear about Harry and Jessica too.

    Dayl Salamanca CA United States
  • Love your books! I just finished Someone to Honor. I hope Harry will finally have a story, too.

    Patsy W Raleigh, NC USA
  • I love all of your books. I am caught up in the Westcott series. I read some to honor and though the clock keep showing the hour getting late I could not put it down. By 3am I finally finished it and can't it for more. Who is next Jessica or Harry? I am excited to learn more about the stuffy aunt, Matilda, who we saw in Colin and Elizabeth's story a bit of her hopeless romantic side. But I really can't wait for Jessica o finally be at peace with everything around her. Thanks for all the grand adventurs.

    Sherri VerNooy NM United States
  • Dear Mary, Have read all your books, they are my absolute favourites, in fact I wait a while and reread, which is great because I feel as if I am going through the family history of each series. Just one question, in Someone to Care, Viola is said to be older than Marcel, however on the family tree in the next two books he is shown as older by two years?. I have your latest book on pre order already, I know it is the last in the series so I will left wondering about Harry Estelle and Bertram who I think are such interesting characters

    Gloria Jones London England
  • I just finished Someone to Honor and so glad that Abby and Gil found each other and the happiness that each deserve. I wonder about an old love interest between Matilda Westcott and Viscount Dirkson. Since he was one of her brother's friends, he was probably around a lot. It would be nice if this spinster could find a little love in her life instead of waiting on her impatient mother all of the time. Also, is Harry to be the subject of the next Westcott novel?

    Linda Harrison Nashville, TN USA
  • I guess I will start by saying that I found your books quite by accident about two months ago and you have succeeded in stealing my heart! I have been obsessed ever since I finished the first book I came across, which was ( Slightly Wicked.) I have since read most of the Simply series and a couple of the (Someone to) series as well. Your stories touch me in a way that I haven't found in years! I've been reading romance and writing my own stories since I was a teenager. It's a true passion for me, I would go as far to say it's a large part of who I am as a whole. I would just like to say, Thank you! Thank you for giving us; your readers, these beautiful stories filled with such emotion and passion. I'm undeniably in love and look forward to reading everything you have done and more.

    Lindsey Carney Columbus, GA USA
  • Hello Mary B, big fan! I started reading your books from the Slightly Series then got hooked. Actually, reading your work introduced me to Georgette Heyer! Awesome right. My favorite so far has to be Simply Perfect [Claudia and Joseph]! I loved the Survivors Club too and adore Only Beloved. I love stories about older couples, which is why I am so excited for November and Someone to Remember. I do have a question. In Someone to Love you described Sir Geoffrey Codair as being a widower with kids, and then in Someone to Trust he is a bachelor. Did I miss something? Just curious. And will we get a preview of what's coming up from the Westcotts? Thanks, again love your work! Rachel

    Rachel Reddick OH United States
  • Mary, I just love love your books. I have almost all your books. Can’t wait for Harry’s book! I hope it is coming soon❤️ May God Bless you 🙏

    Anna Sarkissian Gaithersburg Maryland
  • I love your Westcott series! I'm looking forward to reading Matilda's story in November. When are we going to learn Harry's story - is that going to be told soon? Keep on writing! xoxo

    Lesley Ann Hamilton Southern California United States
  • I am rereading the Survivors series, and l'm enjoying the books all over again. I am now reading Only a Promise (Ralph and Chloe). I seem to remember a novella/short story about Chloe's brother, Graham. Is that story available and where might I find it? I love your books and am waiting impatiently until November for your next book. Being "a lady of a certain age" myself, I'm thrilled that Matilda is getting her own book!

    Suzanne Cater TN United States
  • Hello Mary B, I was looking through your book list and I can say there are some of your earlier work I did love to read. A Gift of Daisies and Gentle Conquest, if I got those right. They sound interesting, and I hope they come out on ebook. I know aot of people prefer paperback; but I have a hard time staying focused or concentrating on reading and so I love audios. The majority of your books I have are on audio. I hope maybe to get One night for Love, A Summer to Remember, and Once upon a Dream on audio. Keep up the great work. God bless you!

    Rachel Reddick OH United States
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  • Dear Mary, just a note of gratitude. I am recently retired (late April) and faced surgery in early June 2019 for a small cancer on my tongue -- which meant cutting off a section of my tongue. All went well and the margins were clear -- meaning no further surgery or treatments except to keep a watchful eye over the next two years. My speech is clear and my tongue (aside from some altered sensation) is as good as new. Needless to say, there has been a major emphasis on self-care and de-stressing my life over the past three months. For me part of that has been to read various books of yours and to be grateful each time for your characters, their tribulations, but always a loving spirit that triumphs. Your stories have always and continue to bring me such comfort. I thank you again and again in the "ethers" as I read them. And shall continue to on into the future for as long as you write them. As far as I know, I have every one and pre-order as soon as they come available. Many thanks from a grateful reader. Big hugs through the "ethers", Kathleen LeBlanc

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  • Dear Mary Balogh, I love your books.I enjoyed reading “The Betrothal Ball” several times. The last time, I was struck by the statement that Laure Melfort translated the book from Latin so that Bea can read it. A hand written text? And then, the earl said that it was a family heirloom, given by his mother to his sister. A book in Latin? Perhaps I have missed something. Ah, your beguiling books, always with a happy ending. Thank you for the happy hours I have spent with your characters. Ludmilla Wightman

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  • Hi! I recently started your Survivors series after being recommended Only Enchanting by a Booktuber. I hardly reach for historical romances but your characters intrigued me. I wanted to know what it is like to survive such traumatic events with physical and mental scars and be able to find love. I liked the idea of these characters forming a club to support each other. It seems so against the typical male behavior to express their feelings. But I am glad you made it okay with these books. This could be a possible solution to our modern day problems of PTSD and mental conditions. I always felt not normal struggling with a chronic skin condition and reading about characters like Vincent, Flavian, Ben and Ralph makes me feel understood and I can relate in some way to them. I appreciate that you were not afraid to make the heroines have physical flaws like Gwen's limp and Agnes' missing toe. I feel that most authors are so afraid that they do not see that real people have flaws and readers will appreciate it all the more in characters. I started with Only Enchanting, went back to the beginning with The Proposal, The Arrangement and am now starting the Escape. So far I like the Arrangement the best which surprised me. I enjoy reading about the time period too because it feels like an escape from the modern day. It is hard to picture that people in the past had to contend with talking face to face and snail mail when we are so used to our smart phones, laptops and instant gratification. It feels humbling to see the characters appreciate each other's time and give their full attention. I am am excited to finish the series! I do want to ask if you would be doing a novella for Lauren, Gwen's friend because her story sounds like something I would want to read. She has gone through such adversity to find her partner.

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