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Blogging on “The Emotional Bond Between Reader and Character” this week. For a chance to win a signed copy of THE TEMPORARY WIFE/ A PROMISE OF SPRING, leave a comment below the post.

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  • Carissa Hodak

    Your stories are so good. You draw us in & keep us reading until we get it all. I especially enjoy the details about the characters families. Look forward to reading these stories also.

  • Philippe A Bruneau

    Emotional connection with characters: that’s how you know a story is worth reading.+I fell in love with the Bedwyns in the Slightly series and continued with others in other books. If by page 100, I don’t care for the main character’s fate, I toss the book aside as life is too short to waste on boring fiction. Now, if I’m mentally screaming at a character to stop what they are doing or worse because they are NOT chasing after their true love, well, there’s a keeper! And my wife will hear about it.

  • Gloria Chmilar

    The Emotional Bond Between Reader and Character: I feel an emotional reaction with all the characters Mary creates in all of her books. I have favourite scenes, like the one where Duke Wulfric Bedwyn acknowledges the loss of his youngest brother, Lord Alleyne Bedwyn in the Battle of Waterloo, I also cried with the Duke in his profound sorrow. There is Gerald Stapleton in the Precious Jewel, when he finds Priss and marries her, I cried for their happiness. What about the mutilated and emotionally damaged Sydnam Butler who also marries Anne Jewell when Anne finds she is pregnant,I was never so happy! These are but a few of the examples I can give but the main reason I will keep all my books written by Mary is that I re-read the stories again and again and I form another emotional bond with the character. Well done Mary and may God keep you well and may the characters and stories keep flowing. Cheers Gloria.

  • Liz

    Please keep your wonderful books coming!

  • Norlyn Wolter

    I just finished reading the second book of the 4 Horsemen series. I found myself riveted to every word.ihad to find the third
    Book which I just ordered. I started with Indiscreet and kept there a fourth coming.I loved this series.i am a
    Hopeless romantic! Please keep writing. Blessings to you and your creative talent! Norlyn

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