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Newly published on August 25: SOMEONE TO ROMANCE, Book 8 of the Westcott series, Jessica’s story.

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  • Joan

    I have read all Mary Baligh’s books. Series, and standalone. I haven’t found anyone else who writes as well as she, in every way. Is she still writing?

    • Poly

      Yes, she does. At least is the information i have. I love her book too! She is a amazing writer

  • Terry Rollins

    I absolutely love the Westcott series. Every character is appealing in some way, I love the strength of the family’s commitments to one another, the strong women, the humor, the story lines and even the book covers! I just finished Jessica’s story Someone to Romance and it was great. I’m already looking forward to Harry’s story and his happily ever after. He certainly deserves one!
    Well Done Ms. Balogh!

  • Jane Starr

    I have read most of your books and my most favorite and most reread is The Temporary Wife.. would love to see a sequel to this!

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