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Published Tuesday, June 2: the ebook republication of THE OBEDIENT BRIDE, a long-out-of-print Regency romance of mine. Available world-wide at English-language book outlets.

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  • L. Herman

    I love all your books and you are my favorite writer. I don’t know how you write what you do. It’s like you are a professional counselor but more incisive. It’s like you are living the experience and feeling all the feelings. It’s so deep although that sounds cheesy. It’s so intense sometimes that I’m weeping. Your “understanding” of the human experience and how it works out in human lives, is amazing and “right”. A lot of characters are somewhat dysfunctional and yet you get people dealing with it and finding healthy and happy solutions. That doesn’t even sound right. But I just know that reading your books brings me so much joy and I hope you keep doing it. Thank you for all your hard work and time that you have invested in your craft.

    • Sherrie Brown

      I absolutely love the Westscott novels. I am currently rereading Someone to Love. I cant wait for the other books to come out!!

  • Rosemary Phillips

    Never hurts to try. I’ve enjoyed all of your books to date as well as your FB posts. Carry on…..

  • Nancy Fleet

    I am so excited for your new book!! Hurry up August! All of your books are amazing. You have been keeping me well entertained on Facebook during covid-19!

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