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Watch for the next novel in the Westcott series in September: SOMEONE TO ROMANCE, Jessica’s story


There will also be five Class Ebook republications of my old, out-of-print books:

THE TRYSTING PLACE in February,  TRULY in April,  THE OBEDIENT BRIDE in June,  TANGLED in July, and THE LAST WALTZ in November


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  • Rosemary Gallant

    I always find that hope is at the base of your stories. I’ve been re-reading a number of your books, and found myself wondering what you could do for the Duchess of Peterleigh, whose life is dreadful. Is there hope for her in your canon?

    • marybalogh

      The Duchess of Peterleigh? I am wracking my brain…

  • Rossi Moreno

    Mary, She is from the Devil’s Web, I believe…

  • Naeemah

    Yay! I can’t wait. Hopefully Rosalyn Landor is doing the audiobook. When will it be on presale? Also, is the prequels to the Bedwyn saga available on audiobook. I can’t seem to find them anywhere.(a summer to remember and the other one) I miss Bewcastle. Thanks in advance

  • Carol Lynn Kikke

    You “SPARKLE” just like Georgette Heyer & Grace Burrowes

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