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There will be five Class Ebook republications of old, out-of-print books:


TRULY in April,


TANGLED in July,

and THE LAST WALTZ in September.


And coming in November there will be a new Westcott book–Jessica’s story:


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  • Theresa C.

    I love your books and love series stories most of all. I am so happy that you are going to do Harry’s story. This is what I came to your website to ask about! Please keep writing – this is my haven in this cold, sometimes seemingly loveless world.

  • Elizabeth Peteet

    Mrs. Balogh, I absolutely love the Westcotts! At first, in Someone to Love, I thought they were the most horrid people, except for Elizabeth. But as the stories continued and you begin to flesh out each character in more detail in each book, well everything changed. I look forward to Someone to Remember. I especially love when you write about older characters past the blush of youth who find there is someone out their for them. Being a romantic at heart and all my life, it gives me hope that I too will find someone to love, hold, wed, care, trust, honor, remember, romance and cherish. And that they will likewise return the sentiments. Thank you so much for your lovely, lovely stories of human nature. You are truly a brillant artist/writer.

  • Mary Leslie

    I have been a fan of yours since the early 90’s when I discovered your Signet Regency romances. Many of them are now being converted to ebooks. Is there a chance of your Signet Regencies becoming audio-books? ( Not the super regencies)

    • marybalogh

      Not at present, Mary, I’m sorry. We are bringing them out again privately as ebooks so that they can be available to readers who missed then the first time around.

  • Shirley Gans

    I have read and re-read your books too many times to count. Each time it is as if I am reading the book for the first time, I get transported to another world getting lost in the books. I have no favourite series as I love all of them. Tears and laughter are never far away as the characters become friends. Thank you for your gift of writing for us.

  • Kelsey Rogers Corrigan

    Looking forward to Jessica and Harry’s stories – I have been tearing through this series after finishing the Survivors club and loved both! So glad this one isn’t quite over yet – finishing a series is always a bit of mixed emotions – like saying goodbye to an old friend 🙂

  • J. Sims

    I just finished Someone to Remember & was so happy Matilda got her HEA (fingers crossed). I hope you do continue on with Estelle, Bertrand & Winifred – after Jessica & Harry. I had just reread the whole series and loved it even more!!! Thank you so much for all your writing.

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