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2019 will be a busy year for Mary Balogh books–one new edition to the Westcott family series and six e-book republications of old, out-of-print books. I have no new covers to show here yet, but at least I can give you advance notice of what you can look forward to–and show you a few old covers. Note that publication months may change–it often happens for one reason or another.

The new book, Book 6 of the Westcott series, will be SOMEONE TO HONOR in November. It is Abigail’s story and begins three years after Elizabeth’s story, told in SOMEONE TO TRUST–due out in November, 2018. At the age of twenty-four, Abigail is still unmarried and not even looking. The family is worried about her and doing what they do best, They are plotting and planning on her behalf. But Abby will have none of it and, as it turns out, she does not need anyone’s help. I am within a couple of weeks or so of finishing her story. I still have two more books planned for the series. Jessica (Lady Jessica Archer, sister of the Duke of Netherby) still needs her story told and so does Harry (Major Harry Westcott, formerly the Earl of Riverdale).

The e-book republications will begin with SECOND CHANCES on February 5, an anthology of four novellas:

The Treasure Hunt

The Forbidden Daffodils

The Betrothal Ball

Another Dream

The last-named of these novellas, “Another Dream,” first appeared a couple or so years ago in a novella duo with a story by friend Grace Burrowes. We have just taken it off the market after it had a good run of success. My story is one that might especially interest you if you did not discover that duo. It is the story of Eleanor Thompson, sister of Christine in SLIGHTLY DANGEROUS. Christine, of course, married Wulfric, Duke of Bewcastle, who seems to be everyone’s favorite hero of mine. He makes a significant appearance in his sister-in-law’s novella, as do all the Bedwyns, I believe. I did not intend giving Eleanor her own story. I had left her as the happy owner and headmistress of the school in Bath that figured in all the SIMPLY books. However, a number of readers wanted her to have her own happily-ever-after, so I decided to oblige.

The other five e-book republications are all full-length novels:

AN UNACCEPTABLE OFFER, originally published as a Signet Regency romance, will be out on April 2.

DECEIVED will be published in on March 5. It was originally published as a longer-length historical (even longer than the books I am currently writing) back in the ’90s

THE UNGRATEFUL GOVERNESS, to be out on May 7, is also an old Signet Regency

THE FIRST SNOWDROP will be published on June 4.

CHRISTMAS BELLE will be out on September 3. These last two books have linked characters. Both were Signet Regencies.

Readers often ask with some dismay why these republications are available only as e-books and not also in print. I can understand the disappointment. However, publishers have full publication schedules of new books and limited budgets and cannot be expected to take on old books in huge numbers as well. Also, bookstore shelves would be clogged with all the old stuff and not have enough room for the new (or the other way around). Modern technology has given us the wonderful opportunity to publish and to read books that have been long out of print. I am certainly not too old to remember the frustration of discovering a new author and being eager to read everything he or she had ever written only to find that the treasure of that author’s backlist was forever lost to me except sometimes through used bookstores. I know many people do not enjoy reading books in electronic form, but at least they are there for anyone who really wants to read them. So forgive me, please, if you are disappointed at the lack of a physical book. But commenting as a reader, I must say that I find it wonderful indeed to be able to access the backlists of almost all my favorite authors, especially the recently discovered ones–Patricia Wentworth, for example.

Happy reading for the rest of this year and throughout 2019.



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  • Carol

    I loved reading about your journey to becoming a romance author! I’m very much looking forward to the next books in the Wescott series!

    • Naomi

      What will happen to Winnifred? I don’t see that you have any plans for her?

      • marybalogh

        I will maybe get to her story eventually, Naomi.

  • Virginia French

    Mary, You have been my favorite author for many years. I believe I have all your books, and actually mailed a couple to you that you wanted for your collection. I love a happy ending, and I learned that I would get that from you, along with a wonderful love story. You have great characters that I can really care about. I always have your next novel on pre-order from Amazon. I have to be sure that I don;t miss one! I hoep you will continue writing for a very long time…Ginny French

  • Kat Tolle Wiley

    Hi Mary!! Have read all your books! I was not able to comment under the giveaway post so I am posting here instead!! Thanks for the chance to enter!!

  • DebbyScott

    Hi Mary! I don’t know either if this is the right place or not. But, I would absolutely like to win those books. And keep those pictures on Facebook coming please!?

  • Judith Vaughn-Hampton

    Love your books and what a thrill to see a years worth of Christmas presents coming because as long as you write I will be reading your books anyway,or format I can.
    Thank You,
    Judith Vaughn-Hampton

  • Margaret North

    Oh no! I just read the list of ebook re-releases scheduled by you for 2019 and I am worried that I’m going to be long gone from this planet by the time you release the one I’ve been hoping to see for many years – A Counterfeit Betrothal. Could I plead for its release?
    I will buy each and every one that you do intend to release but I can’t believe that A Counterfeit Betrothal has been again overlooked..
    Please consider releasing it as well.
    Thanks so much.

    • marybalogh

      A COUNTERFEIT BETROTHAL was released again with THE NOTORIOUS RAKE as a paperback and e-book in 2013, Margaret North. It should still be available if you are in North America.

  • Brenda Ayres

    Mary, I have enjoyed your books immensely. Which one of your novels has a heroine who “followed the drum” during the Peninsular Wars, and was repeatedly raped before she was released?

    • marybalogh

      I don’t think I have such a book, Brenda Ayres.

      • Eleonor Silvia Matos Gomes

        Ms. Ayres I think it’s similar to Lilly’s story. One Night for Love. Although, she is accompanying her father Sergeant Doyle. The troops camp is attacked by Napoleon’s soldiers. She thinks everyone is dead, she is captured by a Spanish guerrilla. He keeps her hostage for seven months. She says she did not fight. She gave in. Even so, it was not consensual sex.

  • Dolores Monaco

    Well, I just came back to this after leaving one or more comments, but I must say I certainly hope I never come across any rape scenes or other excruciating violence in your books. God knows the news media is full enough of all that, day in and day out. We definitely do not want it in our pleasure reading.

  • Carrie Thomas

    I am a huge fan. I am enjoying the Westcott series, however I felt Someone To Trust could have used a few more chapters after the marriage. I guess I wasn’t yet ready to let them go.

  • Pauline Abbott

    I love your characters and have just downloaded the entire Westcott series so far. You make me sad and you make me chuckle and at each book ended you made me sigh I will be watching for more. Bless you and long may you keep us all happy

  • Carolyn Cooper-Smith

    I am a longtime fan and have been amazed that your wonderful writing just seem to get better and better with each new novel. I love books about family dynamics and would be happy for the Westcott series to go on forever. I am curious about one point, however. In Someone to Love, Avery receives instruction in martial arts from an Asian teacher. I am curious to know if this storyline is based on an actual event, persons, or accounts of martial arts training in Regency England.

    • marybalogh

      No, it’s not based on any historical event, Carolyn.

  • Dolores Monaco

    Great! — I’ve just picked up three titles that are new to me. You can bet I’ll be pelting Barnes & Noble with the ISBN numbers on the two on which I do not have those numbers as soon as I can find them! I continually marvel that you never repeat yourself, Mary. If that isn’t a sign of genius, I do not know what is.

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