Web of Love by Mary Balogh
Web of Love
A Novel

This is the second book of the Web trilogy, first published in 1990. This is Dominic's story. At the end of The Gilded Web he bought a commission in an infantry regiment and went off to war. Now, three years later, he is in Brussels just prior to the Battle of Waterloo. So is his best friend, Captain Charles Simpson, and Charlie's wife, Ellen. Dominic is severely wounded in the battle and is nursed back to health by Ellen, who shuts her mind to the terrible tragedy of her husband's death. And so the inevitable happens--these two wounded souls turn to each other for comfort. But then they have to live with the knowledge of what they have done and somehow find atonement and peace before their love can flourish.

Note: Dominic Raine is also Lord Eden, a baron. Yet he is the younger brother of the Earl of Amberley, hero of The Gilded Web. In reality Dominic would have had no title at all, let alone a barony. I cannot recall what led me to give him a title for which there is no logical explanation. It was obviously a pretty nasty error on my part. I might have corrected it in this republication, I suppose, but I have always been determined to make no changes to old books when they come out again. Such changes can be upsetting for loyal readers, I know, and suddenly making Lord Eden into plain Mr. Raine would seem to be a major change. And so he had been allowed to retain his baron's status and title, lucky man!

Dell Historical, ISBN 978-0-440-24305-2

Web of Love is well named. It's a complex novel of relationships among very likable characters... It takes its readers to Brussels during the prewar time of frantic gaiety, through the battle [of Waterloo], and on to its aftermath with its vivid portrayal of the costs of war. Our survivors carry wounds both visible and invisible that only time and love can heal. In spite of its setting and the challenges faced by all, Web of Love is an upbeat story of family love, loyalty, courage and valor told with warmth and heart.
Jane Bowers, Romance Reviews Today

Web of Love by Mary Balogh