>A Summer to Remember by Mary Balogh
A Summer to Remember
A Novel

Lauren Edgeworth was deserted by her mother when she was just a small child. She was brought up in the home of her stepfather's family. She expected to marry the son of the house, Neville Wyatt, Earl of Kilbourne, but she was abandoned at the altar when it was discovered that he had a wife still living. She has turned in on herself as a result of all this rejection, and is determined to live alone and be beholden to no one. Kit Butler, Viscount Ravensberg, has built a reputation for reckless rakishness since his return from the Peninsular Wars. He seems intent upon squeezing as much pleasure from life as possible. But when his father summons him home to marry the lady with whom Kit had once been in love, he rebels and vows to find his own wife. There is a dark side to Kit, secret wounds few people know about. When he and Lauren meet and, after an unpromising start to their relationship, agree to a temporary betrothal, he also agrees to give her a summer to remember at his father's estate. It becomes a memorable summer indeed as these two wounded souls challenge each other to face their demons, and as they reluctantly fall in love with each other.

Note that Neville, the Earl of Kilbourne's story is told in One Night for Love. Gwen, Lady Muir, Neville's sister and Lauren's best friend, has her story told in The Proposal, which is also the first book of the seven-part Survivors' Club series. Note too that A Summer to Remember introduces the Bedwyn family and leads to the six-part Slightly series and the four-part Simply series.

Delacorte Hardcover, 2002, ISBN 0-385-33535-0

Supreme storyteller Mary Balogh has taken a common plotline (betrothal of convenience) and infused it with remarkable characters and added great emotional depth. Both Lauren and Kit carry heavy emotional burdens and the gift they give to one another is to free themselves from their pasts. By showing this kind of compassion as another aspect of love, Ms. Balogh lifts the ordinary up to the extraordinary.
Romantic Times Book Club

This is a powerful book, filled with emotions, and the reader will feel every one of them. Save it for evenings at home and keep the tissues nearby--you'll need them.
The Oakland Press

...an extraordinarily sensuous romance in which Balogh demonstrates that the hottest sex scenes are those that remain true to character and integral to the plot.

Welsh author Mary Balogh proves again that her Regency romances and historical novels are among the best being written today.
Abilene Reporter-News

Past Balogh works have made the New York Times extended best seller list; maybe this one will rise to the top.
Library Journal

Balogh outdoes herself with this romantic romp, crafting a truly seamless plot and peopling it with well-rounded, winning characters.
Publishers Weekly

A more lighthearted story than Ms. Balogh's recent books, this marvelous, wonderfully romantic tale will captivate readers from the first page to the last. I highly recommend A Summer to Remember. The characters and the story will resonate in readers' hearts long after the last page is turned.
Romance Reviews Today

A Summer to Remember by Mary Balogh