Someone to Wed
A Novel

Book 3 of the Westcott series is Alexander's story.

As well as the title Earl of Riverdale, which he inherited when his second cousin Harry was disinherited, Alexander Westcott has also been saddled with Brambledean Court, the run-down mansion and estate that came along with it. Although he is not poor, neither is he wealthy enough to bring the estate back to prosperity, something he feels compelled to do for the sake of all those who depend upon it and him for their livelihood. He knows he is going to have to marry a wealthy woman. But before he can put his plan into action, he is invited to take tea with Miss Wren Heyden, a neighbor he has not met before, and she astounds him with a proposal of marriage that would be mutually beneficial to them both.

Wren has recently inherited great wealth and a prosperous business in which she is actively involved, but she does not have the one thing she dearly wants—a husband. She has always considered herself to be unmarriageable and has lived all her life as a recluse, never showing her face to any but close family members and trusted servants. Now, though, she can afford to purchase a husband and sets about the task in businesslike fashion, making a list of gentlemen who may be prepared to overlook her shortcomings in return for access to her money. Two men have already been interviewed and dismissed as unsuitable. Alexander is third on her list.