Secret Pearl by Mary Balogh
Secret Pearl
A Novel

The Secret Pearl was first published in September, 1991. It is often named by long-time readers as one of their favorites among my books. It is an intense, passionate book with its deeply wounded hero and heroine, who have to find healing and wholeness through each other before they can commit themselves to loving each other for a lifetime. But healing does not come easily for either of them.

Adam Kent, Duke of Ridgeway, is physically maimed, and he is tied to a life of barren duty from which there seems no way to extricate himself since he is an honorable man. His growing passion for Fleur Hamilton only adds one more apparently hopeless complication to his life.

And Fleur is not all she seems. She hides an agonized past beneath the quiet exterior of governess to the duke's young daughter. And how can she come to love the man she met amid such ugliness? How can she dare love him anyway when he already has a duchess?

And what about the duchess? And the duke's daughter? And his brother? Are they all they seem to be?

The book is full of secrets, all of which have to come to light and be resolved before the story can reach its inevitable happy ending.

This publication of The Secret Pearl by Dell has a new and rather lovely cover (in my opinion!). Apart from the new publisher and the new packaging, however, everything else remains the same, despite the temptation to get back into the book and make some changes fifteen years after I first wrote it. A few months ago I sounded out the several hundred members of my fanlist on the topic and they were adamantly and vocally unanimous in their opinion that readers do not like republications in which either the title or the text have been changed.

And so here--with all its possible warts--is The Secret Pearl again. I hope you will enjoy it, whether you are a reader who is only now trying to collect my backlist or whether you are someone who has read the book before but cannot resist buying this new package and reading the story again.

Dell Historical, ISBN 0-440-24297-5

It's easy to see why The Secret Pearl has remained a favorite since it was first released in 1991. It combines deep and true characterization, mystery, deeply felt passions, tragedy and hope. Though, as a reissue, it can't be nominated as our best book of 2005, I'm still awarding it RRT's Perfect 10. It's one terrific novel, whether it's a first-time read, a second, or a tenth.
Jane Bowers in Romance Reviews Today

Secret Pearl by Mary Balogh