Slightly Dangerous by Mary Balogh
Slightly Dangerous
A Novel

Wulfric's Story

Be prepared to laugh out loud as you read scenes that are so hilarious you cannot imagine any other outcome, and be prepared to weep as these two souls struggle and strain to find common ground. Mary Balogh shows us once again why so many people think she is the mistress of the Regency romance! I wish that I had a dozen roses to give this exceptional novel!"
Paula Klug, A Romance Review

When Viscount Mowbury invites Wulfric Bedwyn, Duke of Bewcastle, to his sister's country house party, Lady Renable has to scramble to find another lady guest to balance numbers. Christine Derrick, widow and part-time schoolteacher, is persuaded much against her will to be that lady.

The cold, aloof duke and the fun-loving, accident-prone Christine are about as mismatched as a couple could possibly be, and they dislike each other from the start. But there is a definite attraction between them too, and soon Wulfric, much to his surprise, is in determined pursuit of an elusive Christine--even after the house party is over.

Dell Historical, ISBN 0-440-24112-X

This is a charming tale of two very different people destined to fall in love. When they put aside their preconceptions and make a few concessions, they find that happily ever after is theirs.Slightly Dangerous shows that Balogh is clearly one of romance's best writers."<
Dolly Moiseeff, The Daily Oakland Press

This book rings with humor and delightful echoes of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. All in all, it's a memorable conclusion to a charming series.
Publishers Weekly

With this series, Balogh has created a wonderfully romantic world of Regency culture and society. Readers will miss the honorable Bedwyns and their mates; ending the series with Wulfric's story is icing on the cake. Highly recommended.
Bette-Lee Fox, Library Journal